After years of experience, we understand how much energy it takes to plan a trip, and doubly so after the Covid outbreak. But Iceland is open, and our brand new signature Iceland vacation packages are waiting for you!

Route planning, itinerary, activity booking, campsite research, gear- and extras composition – leave that to us. Our expert team makes sure that selected routes will take you to Iceland’s greatest sightseeing and adventures – all for your best Iceland tour experience!

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Self-Drive Vacation Packages

For those who want to travel independently and/or with more privacy. Perfect match for first-time travelers in Iceland or for those who prefer to explore Iceland with friends or family.

Hot Springs Iceland in 6 Days

6 Days / 5 Nights

Discover the healing and wellness of natural hot springs while also exploring the stunning landscapes of Iceland!

Ring Road Tour in 9 Days

9 Days / 8 Nights

Discover the most famous highway of Iceland – Route 1 – and enjoy the breathtaking landscapes.

Golden Circle & Waterfalls in 6 Days

6 Days / 5 Nights

CampEasy offers an all-inclusive, custom-tailored Self Drive Golden Circle & Waterfalls package tour in Iceland!

CampEasy Events

Let our hosts show the group how to have fun – everything in one Iceland tour package!

Northern Lights, Spas & Wine

7th – 14th of October 2023

Embark on an enchanted journey with us this Autumn, as we traverse the full circle of Iceland on a week-long road trip. Discover the mystical wonders of hot springs and chase the elusive Northern Lights. Unveil the most captivating and magical experiences that Iceland has to offer.

Host: Filip Polach

It’s All Included







Airport transfer

Digital Itinerary

We have your itinerary ready in multiple formats. You get a Custom generated page to view and an interactive page to edit.

Advanced Navigation

A powerful android tablet with turn-by-turn navigation – pre loaded with your trip itinerary.

Quality Insurance

We aren’t playing around when it comes to the included insurance option. Zero-Risk comes included with every Package trip. The name speaks for itself.

More Extras

We already equip our campers exceptionally well, but there are always a few things we can add for added comfort, so we do just that.

Iceland’s best Campers

CampEasy buys the most expensive models, spends the most on upgrades and interiors. You won’t find a better camper in Iceland. Simple as that.

Favorite Activities

There is a lot you can do in Iceland, and there is a lot you can choose from. We choose quality over quantity.

We Bring Toys

Most of our Vacation Packages include one toy or another. It can range from fishing gear to 4-seater buggies.


Book one of vacation package and pack your bags to Iceland – that is all you have to do!

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