• expand_moreHow do I get to CampEasy?

    We offer free shuttle service to our customers when they arrive in Iceland within the Keflavik City Area including International Reykjavik/Keflavik Airport.

    If you intend to pick up the camper on the day of your arrival in Iceland:

    1. Please call us at +354 571 1310 once you are ready to leave the Airport.
    2. The Shuttle stops at the P2 parking which is on the Arrivals side of the Airport.

    If you are not picking up your camper on the day of your arrival, but staying in a Hotel in Keflavík:

    1. Take a Taxi to your Hotel in Keflavík, or use your Hotel Shuttle Service.
    2. Please call us at +354 571 1310 once you are ready to be picked up.
    3. Alternatively, you can e-mail us with the details of your Hotel in Keflavik

    If you are not picking up your camper on the day of your arrival, but staying in a Hotel in Reykjavík:

    1. We recommend you use the FLYBUS service to get to Reykjavík or the service the Hotel provides.
    2. On the day of your rental, use the FLYBUS service to get back to KEF airport, or the service the Hotel provides.
    3. Please get off at the last bus stop at the Airport, round the corner from the main Departures door where the Shuttle will pick you up from, and please call us at +354 571 1310.
  • expand_moreHow do I get to CampEasy if I booked a hotel in Reykjavík the night before picking up the camper?

    If you have booked a hotel in Reykjavík up to the start of your rental we suggest these two options:

    Option 1:

    1. On the day of your rental, use the FLYBUS service to get back to KEF airport, or the service the Hotel provides (quite common).
    2. Please get off at the last bus stop at the Airport, round the corner from the main Departures door where the Shuttle will pick you up from, and please call us at +354 571 1310.

    Option 2:

    1. Change your booking from a Hotel in Reykjavík to a Hotel in Keflavík.
    2. When you arrive at KEF Airport, use the Hotel Shuttle Service or take a Taxi.
    3. Please call us at +354 571 1310 once you are ready to be picked up.
    4. Alternatively, you can e-mail us with the details of your Hotel in Keflavik
  • expand_moreHow do I get back to my hotel or airport after I return the camper?

    Going to the Airport or Keflavík Hotel after rental:

    For Daytime returns (08:00 – 16:00):
    After you have returned your camper, we drop you off anywhere in the Keflavík City Area or at KEF airport.

    For 24/7 Dropoff returns (16:30 – 08:00):
    You drop off the camper at our HQ (close to the airport) and take a Taxi, either to your hotel or directly to the airport. The taxi costs between 3.000 – 5.000 ISK to the airport. You can pay for it with your card.

    Going to Reykjavík after rental:

    For Daytime returns (08:00 – 16:00):
    After you have returned your camper, we drop you off at KEF airport and you take the FLYBUS to Reykjavík city center.

    For 24/7 Dropoff returns (16:30 – 08:00):
    You drop off the camper at our HQ and take a Taxi to the airport. The Taxi costs around 3.000 – 5.000 ISK. You can pay for it with your card. From there you take the FLYBUS to Reykjavík city center.

Cost and Payment

  • expand_moreCan I get a refund if I return the camper early?

    No, we don’t offer refunds for early returns.

    But we have a very good client area, where you can lengthen or alter your booking in many ways. This is only possible up to 24 hours before your rental starts. For many, it’s best to send us an email directly. We can sometimes lengthen the rental if you are already on the road, and there are cases where we can change dates slightly after the 24-hour mark, but every request needs to be considered individually to check availability and other factors.

  • expand_moreDo I need to bring a credit card when I pick up the campervan?

    Yes, regardless of how you pay the deposit. The one that books the camper needs to bring a credit card. That credit card will be put on file for insurance purposes. We do not charge the card for any amount, only log the information.

  • expand_moreHow can I pay for the rental?

    For the payment on our website, we accept:

    • Visa
    • Mastercard
    • Maestro
    • American Express (Additional papers to sign upon arrival)
    • Union Pay
    • JCB
    • Wire Transfer (The lessee still needs to bring a valid credit card)

    If you want to wire transfer any of the payments, please send us an email directly.

  • expand_moreWhat is included in the rental price?

    Quite a few things.

    The rental includes free transfer to our office and back to KEF airport, unlimited Miles/Kilometers, all taxes, CDW insurance, bedding (sheet, pillows, thick blankets, and thick duvets), and all the items required to cook, dine and sleep. We also offer free additions, such as an extra stove, pots or pans for larger meals and extra pillows, duvets and sheets. This can be selected in step two of the booking process. We also include mountings with many of our models, free of charge.

    The only thing we recommend you purchase in most cases is the extra gas canisters you’ll need for cooking. We include a new gas canister and the gas canister that previous renters had in their stove, this can be almost empty or almost full.

  • expand_moreDoes it matter which credit card I bring?

    The lessee (the name on the rental contract) will always need to bring a valid credit card for insurance purposes.

Easy Campers

  • expand_moreCan I take the campervan out of the country?

    Taking the campervan out of the country is forbidden. If it were to happen it will be treated as theft and can result in criminal charges.

  • expand_moreDoes the camper have a toilet?

    All models (except the Easy Small, Easy Small X and Easy Ranger 4×4) have the option to add a travel toilet.

    There are upsides and downsides to carrying a travel toilet on your trip.


    • Instant access to the facilities.
    • Useful for Highland excursions.
    • Useful for winter camping trips.


    • Every toilet must be emptied and cleaned before returning the camper.
    • Takes up space in the camper van.
    • During summer months, for a lowland (ring-road) trip, it’s mostly in the way.
    • The toilets and the extra work around them isn’t free of charge.

    Summer (April – September):
    There are loads of gas stations, shops, restaurants, and other facilities where you can use the bathrooms. Campsites will always offer toilets and most of the time they will also have showers. We also recommend you take advantage of the geothermal swimming pools you’ll find in (almost) every town you come to. These swimming halls take advantage of the natural hot water in the ground and take little energy to operate. Going to one of those is an adventure in and of itself.

    Winter (October – March):
    Gas stations, shops, and restaurants are still abundant, but campsite facilities will become limited. A travel toilet during these months can be worth the extra space it takes up. We recommend you take a look at our Winter Camping section for an updated list of camping ground access.

    The CampEasy team members that travel the most, only take them for extended Highland trips, and sometimes for a mid-winter trip.

  • expand_moreDoes the camper have a shower?

    No, none of our campers have a shower. There is no need. Iceland has the most swimming pools per capita in the world. There is an overabundance of water, and facilities to bathe.

    Showers are also complicated in custom-built campers and we want things to be simple, easy.

    Summer (April – September):
    There are now a majority of campsites offering showers. We also recommend you take advantage of the geothermal swimming pools you’ll find in (almost) every town you come to. These swimming halls take advantage of the natural hot water in the ground and take little energy to operate. In addition, there are loads of natural geothermal pools out in the wild in Iceland. Going to one of those is an adventure in and of itself.

    Winter (October – March):
    Campsite facilities are not as abundant, but there are still plenty of campsites with shower facilities. And all the swimming pools are open, available in every town for a very small fee. We recommend you take a look at our Winter Camping section for an updated list of camping ground access.

  • expand_moreAre your camper vans suitable to drive in Iceland in winter?

    Hell yes. They are the best ones available for exactly that purpose.

    Check out our Winter Camping section to learn just how good they are.

  • expand_moreCan we use a child seat in the camper?

    All models have full airbag control but child seats can only be used with the three-point seat belts – we do not have ISOFIX. Please note in our family sized campervans i.e. Easy Viking 4×4, Easy Viking 4×4 X, Easy Big and Easy Big X child seats must be put in the front seat as the back seats have two-point seat belts!

  • expand_moreDo I need a sleeping bag?

    Absolutely not. Our campers will keep you warm even if the temperatures outside dip below -25°C/-13°F without any sleeping bags. We guarantee this.

  • expand_moreDo I have to clean the camper before returning?

    Yes and No.

    Yes, please return the camper reasonably clean on the inside.

    No, don’t worry about the outside. Gravel in Iceland is really grainy and cleaning the camper on the outside with a broom can scratch the surface. You are not forbidden from cleaning it on the outside, but please be careful.

    There is a penalty fee for returning a camper in an absolute mess. This refers to the inside of the camper. If we need to use stain removals or deep cleaning equipment, we charge a 15.000 ISK penalty fee.

  • expand_moreDo you have campers with automatic transmissions?
  • expand_moreDo you have Wifi in your campers?

    Yes, we have a built-in Wifi system in all our campers. You can purchase access for 700 ISK / 6 USD a day, as an extra in step two of the booking process. It includes unlimited data and access for 5 devices.

    Please note that the Wifi is limited to the 3G and 4G network coverage available in Iceland. This means that in very remote areas and the highlands, the connection can be spotty. This is the case for any data connection available.

  • expand_moreDo your campers have a tracking system?

    Yes, all our campers come with a tracking system. This is for safety reasons only. We have used this equipment to help lost travelers, guide Search and Rescue, locate campers in case of breakdowns, and accurately send assistance. You are not able to turn it off.

  • expand_moreHow can I charge my phone, camera and other electronics?

    We provide a charging station in the rear cabin in all our campers. This includes two USB ports and a 12V cigarette lighter. In addition to that, there is always a 12V cigarette lighter in the front and most of the time USB ports as well. The charging station in the rear also has a voltage gauge which will help you estimate the current charge on the batteries. Note that all usage of the charging station will slightly reduce the usage time of the heating system until you next start the engine.

    If you have larger electronics and need a full 110/220V charge, we rent out Inverters that can be plugged into the 12V cigarette lighter. This is needed for Drones, Laptops, and other larger battery-powered electronics.

    If you plug a non-battery powered electronic into the Inverter, such as a hairdryer, you will blow the fuse of the inverter and or the fuse on the battery system. This will kill all electronics in the rear, including the heating system, until you change that fuse. Be careful what you plug into the Inverter.

  • expand_moreHow can I listen to my music in the camper?

    This is important, so we make sure we offer a Bluetooth connection in all our campers. All our campers have a built-in Bluetooth option from the manufacturer.

    There is also a radio in all the campers and a variety of connection options. But we can only guarantee a radio and Bluetooth.

  • expand_moreHow does the WEBASTO heating system work?

    When it comes to proper heating, we go above and beyond what you’ll find at other camper rentals. We only use the world-leading Webasto heating systems for our campers, but there is more to it than that.

    Starting with how the heating system works:

    We place a small motor/fuel pump underneath the camper. That motor is connected to the main fuel tank and to the secondary batteries we place in the rear cabin. The motor is turned on by using a switch we place inside the cabin. The switch has multiple power settings, so you can adjust the airflow coming from the blower itself. The heater/blower itself is located inside the cabin and is powered by the motor underneath the camper and the batteries inside the cabin. The blower is normally located underneath the bed or under the front seats in the camper.

    Limiting factors:

    We want you to be able to keep the heating system on, whenever you want and for a good amount of time. Other rentals will tell you to turn the heating system off for the night, but we don’t like that option, especially since we focus a lot on making our campers winter-friendly. The reason other rentals will recommend turning the heating system off before turning in (and waking up freezing), is that they can’t provide enough battery power to the system. Many have only one battery and often they will not use the larger, more powerful batteries required (AGM). Others will try and compensate, using solar cells on the roof to recharge the battery. That doesn’t work well, we’ve tried it multiple times. It charges way too slow. So, we increased the size of all batteries and placed two of them in the rear. This costs more but it works like a charm. A proper 8-10 hours of full heating functionality is the minimum, in our opinion, when it comes to camper travel in Iceland.

    Other factors:

    Insulation. We’ve also found that by insulating the van using wool and the with a carpet layer on all surfaces in the cabin, not leaving out metal bars here and there, we’ve been able to preserve the heat to a much greater extent, allowing you to turn down the power of the blower/heater which does produce noise comparable to the level/power you set it at. Less noise is always good.

    Duvets. They should be thick and you should be able to have plenty of them. Our duvets are thicker than what goes around and you can add free extra duvets to your booking in step two of the booking process.

    2000W heaters are the standard we see around us. But a big van, such as the Easy Big, even though it can be heated up with such a system, does require more if you want it to heat up in a reasonable time. So, we’ve upgraded the larger cabins to 5000W heaters, just to make things even more comfortable.

    Finally, you need to order the vans with a more powerful alternator. The alternator is what turns kinetic energy into electricity, charging your batteries. Once you add the two extra batteries, you need to have an alternator that can both handle the increased draw, but also charges them quickly enough for a full charge before you stop your driving for the day.

  • expand_moreWhat campers are suitable for the Highlands / F-roads?

    The following CampEasy campers can go on F-roads:

    They come with raised chassis, larger tires, easy access to spare tires, protective underside plates, powerful heaters, emergency tracking, collision detection, emergency equipment, winter tires (when applicable), and much more.

    River-crossing is allowed on the 4×4 campers from CampEasy if you purchase additional insurance options. But we recommend you proceed with extreme caution and start by reading the F-Road Guide first.
    Too many have hurt themselves or completely drowned the engine whilst crossing rivers. No insurance company covers river crossing and flooding an engine will cost you between 700.000 ISK and 1.400.000 ISK (5-12000 USD) with our best insurance options. And it will cost CampEasy the entire camper in most cases.

    There are still hundreds of interesting places you can only reach on an F-road capable vehicle, without crossing any rivers.

  • expand_moreWhat is the fuel consumption of the campers?

    Our vans are all very modern, have a diesel engine, and relatively low emissions and consumption.

    All numbers are approximations and will depend on driving style and exact model:

    Easy Small:
    6-7 Liters/100Km / 36 Mpg
    Tank size: 55L / 14.5 gallons

    Easy Ranger:
    6-7 Liters/100Km / 36 Mpg
    Tank size: 55L / 14.5 gallons

    Easy Auto:
    7-8 Liters/100Km / 29.4 Mpg
    Tank size: 70L / 18.5 gallons

    Easy Fun:
    7-8 Liters/100Km / 24.9 Mpg
    Tank size: 70L / 18.5 gallons

    Easy Big:
    9-10 Liters/100Km / 24 Mpg
    Tank size: 90L / 23.7 gallons

    Easy Clever:
    9-10 Liters/100Km / 24 Mpg
    Tank size: 70L / 18.5 gallons

    Easy Viking:
    11-12 Liters/100Km / 21 Mpg
    Tank size: 80L / 21.1 gallons

    Easy Luxury:
    12 Liters/100Km / 20 Mpg
    Tank size: 80L / 21.1 gallons

    Easy Monster:
    13.5 Liters/100Km / 17.4 Mpg
    Tank size: 93L / 24.5 gallons

Travelling in Iceland

  • expand_moreWhat is the new Tourist Tax in Iceland, and how does it affect my campervan rental?

    In January 2024, Iceland reinstated an accommodation tax for visitors, which had been suspended during the COVID-19 pandemic.

    Hotels and guesthouses now charge 600 ISK per room, campsites and mobile homes 300 ISK, and cruise ships calling at Icelandic ports 1,000 ISK per passenger.

    Our customers would then pay this tax at the campsites.

  • expand_moreAre there any fees to access Landmannalaugar?

    The Environmental Agency implemented a parking booking system in Landmannalaugar for the summer of 2024. Parking spaces must be booked in advance and a service fee must be paid.

    The system will be used from June 20th to September 15th, every day of the week. During this period, all visitors planning to come to Landmannalaugar on their own in a private or rental car between 8 a.m. and 3 p.m. must book a parking space in advance.

    This only applies to parking spaces at Landmannalaugar itself and, therefore, does not impact traffic in other areas within the Fjallabak Nature Reserve.

    The fee for 1-5 passenger cars (so all of our fleet) is 750 ISK, with a 40% discount for 2024, making it 450 ISK this year.

    You can book your parking space on The Environment Agency of Iceland’s website.

  • expand_moreHow can I travel around Iceland during Covid-19?

    This pandemic has been tough on everybody but rest assured that travel around the country is not impossible. You just need to be well informed. Start by reading through our Covid-19 information page. It tells you exactly what to expect, how CampEasy is addressing the issue and where to find the relevant information. This information page is updated whenever anything changes.

  • expand_moreDo I need an international driver's license to rent a car?

    No, but there are conditions to non-U.S.A, Canadian, or European (EEA) licenses.

    Your license must:

    • Have a license number
    • Have the license holder’s photograph
    • Have a valid date
    • Be written/printed in Latin characters.

    If your license doesn’t fill these requirements, obtain an international driver’s license and you’re all set.

  • expand_moreDo I need to book campsites ahead of time?

    No. You will (almost) never arrive at a campsite that won’t be able to accommodate you.

  • expand_moreHow much does it cost to drive the full circle in Iceland?

    The only road toll you will find is in the North and you must pay online to use a tunnel that spans the Hvalfjörður fjord. It will cost you 1.300 ISK per vehicle to use the tunnel.

    The fuel price changes a lot so it’s better to check out the current prices and do your own calculations based on current fuel prices:

    When this was written, June 14th, 2020, the fuel price was:
    200 ISK per liter / 5.6 USD per gallon, on average.

    If you take a mid-sized camper, like the Easy Fun, and do a full circle (including stops and detours), you’ll drive somewhere between 1350 and 1500 Km or approx 890 Miles.

    As we do the calculation, we use the most expensive fuel stations, suppose 1500Km, and highest consumption and get something around:
    25.000 ISK / 186 USD / 165 EUR in driving costs.

    Want to do the math with the current fuel prices?

    0.08 (fuel consumption per km) * 1500 (km driven) * x (Diesel fuel prices in Iceland)

  • expand_moreHow should I plan my trip to iceland?

    Our Online Trip Planner is a great tool to start.

    1. Create an account
    2. Browse the Expert-Made Trip Plans
    3. Customize each day to your liking
    4. Share the trip plan with friends

    When you arrive in Iceland, use the Easy Guide Tablet.

    1. Log in to your tablet
    2. Off you go

    All free to use. You can book your activities in the Online Trip Planner, or in your Easy Guide tablet we provide upon arrival.

    More detailed instructions to use the Trip Planner and Easy Guide for planning your trip to Iceland.

  • expand_moreShould I buy a camping card? Where can I buy it?

    It depends on how many are in your group, how long you intend to stay, what route you intend to take, and what time of year you are coming.

    • Don’t buy it outside of these months as most of their campsites are closed:
      • May (mid)
      • June
      • July
      • August
      • September (mid)

    The longer you intend to stay, the better value the Camping Card becomes. 7 days is the minimum in our estimates.

    The camping card is valid for two (2) adults and four (4) children.

    It grants access to 42 campsites. Here’s the full campsite list they offer.

    The camping card offers no campsites in the highlands.

    All that being said, if you are a family of four and are going for a two-week vacation in a camper, the camping card is ideal and can save you quite a few bucks.

  • expand_moreWhat are the emergency numbers in Iceland?

    Main numbers:

    Emergency: 112 – 112 App

    Road conditions: 1717

    Police direct: +354 444 1000

    Other useful ones:

    Directory inquiries: 118

    International directory inquiries: 1811

    Search and rescue: +354 570 5900

    Dental assistance: +354 575 0505

    Health care services: 1770

    Lost and found: +354 444 1000

    Lost or stole credit cards:

    • Visa +354 525 2000
    • Amex: +354 800 8111
    • Mastercard: +354 533 1400
  • expand_moreWhat type of driver’s license do I need for Iceland?

    All driving licenses issued from the U.S.A, Canada, and the European Economic Area (EEA) are valid in Iceland.

    Driving licenses from anywhere else are accepted if they fulfill these requirements:

    • A license number
    • The license holder’s photograph
    • A valid date
    • Is written/printed in Latin characters.

    If your license fails to meet any of the above requirements you must obtain an international driving license in order to drive in Iceland.

  • expand_moreWhere can we park overnight in Iceland?

    New laws prevent “wild camping” in a camper in Iceland. As you drive around the island, you’ll find amazing campsites everywhere with good facilities. Now that the infrastructure is more developed we recommend taking advantage of it. If you don’t, you will become hugely unpopular with the locals and the police will stop you and likely give you a fine. Here’s a map of all of the campsites in Iceland.

    When it comes to the winter months, things aren’t quite as ironed out and we recommend you read through the Winter Camping section for any camper trip outside of May-September. There you will find a list of open campsites, hotels, and hostels that allow camping on their grounds and more detailed information.

    Included in your rental is also the Easy Guide. A tablet that contains all the campsites, with opening hours, cost estimates, and more. The campsites are categorized either as Winter Campsites or Summer Campsites in the tablet.

  • expand_moreWhere should we go grocery shopping?

    Along the road, you’ll find grocery stores in most small towns. But keep your eyes out for Krónan and Bónus. Those are the cheapest.

    When you pick up your camper, ask one of our agents and he’ll guide you to the nearest one via the Easy Guide Tablet.

  • expand_moreIs it be cold to travel in a camper van in Iceland?

    In short, the answer is no. yes. maybe. People’s tolerance varies a lot. If you like the warmest camper you can find, you are in the right place. We focus a lot on that very thing. Most people have no problem at all with the cold in our campers.


  • expand_moreIs CampEasy open all-year-round?

    You can book campers all year round with CampEasy. We also have emergency services 24/7, 365 days a year.

    You can:
    Pick up and drop off campers between 08:00 (8 am) and 16:00 (4:00 pm)
    Pick up and drop off campers between 16:30 (4:30 pm) and 08:00 (8:00 am) using our 24/7 Dropoff Service.

    We are open all year round, except on the following dates. On these days you are using our 24/7 Dropoff service for returns, and you can not pick up campers:

    After 10:30 am on December 24th until December 26th, 09:00 am.
    After 10:30 am on December 31st until January 2nd, 09:00 am.

    You can book a camper from December 20th – December 28th, but not December 24th to December 29th. Same with January 1st, where you can not pick up a camper.

  • expand_moreCan I pick up or drop off the camper outside opening hours?

    You can pick up the camper outside the opening hours. Please choose Self-Service pick-up when booking. For this to work, you must complete the Online Check-in available 7 days before your rental starts.

    You can drop off your camper outside the opening hours using our 24/7 Dropoff Service. You’ll see instructions when you select the off-hour drop-off time in the date selector (booking process). We will also discuss the process during your pick-up.

    If you are doing Self-Service pick up please reach out us and we will provide you with the details.

    You can overnight in the camper outside our office (the Sunroom is open 24/7) or at a campsite in Keflavík/Reykjavík and drop the keys in the designated dropoff box at our office.

  • expand_moreDo you offer emergency breakdown services?

    Yes! We are by the phone 24/7 and will offer assistance in every way we can. We have a dedicated service number that you can find in the Campeasy Manual, and the Easy Guide Tablet, included in every camper. And if it’s after hours, our main number will redirect your call to our service team. Our team will help you find a solution to any problem you face.

    We have contacts all around Iceland and if the problem is with the equipment or camper we provided, this service is, of course, free of charge.

    If it’s specified in the contract that expenses related to the problem aren’t included in this service, for example, if you have a flat tire, which is the renter’s responsibility to fix, don’t hesitate to call, regardless. We can still help you find the garage to have the tire fixed, help you find the local assistance that’s available, or even help you pinpoint your location, so you can order assistance or services.

    It’s not a “no questions asked” service, but we ask you to call us when you face problems. We’re quite experienced in finding solutions to most things camper or travel related. We do offer that kind of service, via our Super Service – Roadside Assistance insurance option.

  • expand_moreHow can I best contact CampEasy?

    With the Live Chat in the bottom right corner. We are available 24/7, 365 days a year.

    Email us directly. We answer all inquiries within 24 hours.

    If you need to talk to a Campeasy representative on the phone, you can call directly to +354 571 1310 between 08:00 (8 am) and 16:30 (4:30 pm) local time, any day of the week. At the bottom of our website, you can always see what the local time is.

    In the contact us section, you can also fill out a form if you prefer. You’ll also find direct contact information for many of our team members.

    If you are currently on the road and need immediate assistance, please call the emergency number provided in the Campeasy Manual and the Easy Guide Tablet.

    If you are in danger or hurt, please call 112 right away. If you can and it does not endanger anyone, please call us after you have spoken to 112.

  • expand_moreWhat are the CampEasy opening hours?

    We are open every day of the week from 08:00 (8 am) to 16:30 (4:30 pm). You can see the local time in Iceland at the bottom of the page.

  • expand_moreWhat if my flight is delayed?

    It happens. We commiserate. But our office is only open 08:00 – 16:30.

    We recommend you do the following:

    1. Find a hotel in Keflavík. (We recommend the shortest distance from KEF airport)
      1. Closest to airport: Airport Hotel Aurora Star
      2. Closest to CampEasy: Berg Hotel
      3. Cheapest: Svítan Guesthouse
    2. Once you have the hotel name, update your transfer information, and send an email to CampEasy and inform us that you are delayed, or missed a flight. Include a CampEasy booking number.
    3. Use the Hotel Shuttle Service, or get a taxi to your hotel in Keflavík. There are always taxi’s outside KEF Airport.
    4. We pick you up at 08:15 at your hotel.
  • expand_moreWhere do we pick up and return the camper?

    The pickup and the drop-off are always at Campeasy offices in Keflavík, just 4 minutes from KEF Airport.

    We provide transport to CampEasy:
    KEF Airport to our offices
    Keflavík Hotel to our offices

    We provide transport from CampEasy:
    Our offices to KEF Airport
    Our offices to a Keflavík Hotel

    We offer a Free 24/7 Dropoff Service:
    Return the camper any time during the night and we will help you organize your trip back to the airport via Taxi.

    We can also help you organize your trip to Reykjavík if that’s where you are headed.

    We do not accept camper drop-off anywhere else. You can not return the camper at the airport or leave it at your hotel.


  • expand_moreIs insurance included in the camper rental price?

    Yes, CDW, SAAP, and TP insurance are included in your rental price. This limits the driver’s liability to a certain amount. The self-risk/deductible is 300.000 with CDW. The TP insurance covers break-ins or thefts of the camper. We recommend everyone read the insurance section for more information on insurance in Iceland.

  • expand_moreCan I change the insurance when I pick up the campervan?

    Yes, you can change the insurance and any extras you want to cancel or add to your booking when you arrive. You can also login to your Planner in the top right corner and adjust your booking, and much more.

  • expand_moreWhat kind of insurance do you offer?

    All of our campers come with CDW (Crash Damage Waiver), and we include the TP and SAAP insurance for free in all rentals.
    Our insurance provider is Tryggingamiðstöðin Hf (TM) and our CDW insurance falls under their policy terms:

    220 (Third-Party Liability Insurance for Motor Vehicles)
    230 (Comprehensive Insurance for Motor Vehicles)
    Here you can access the website for TM.

    Most importantly, our additional insurance options address many of the policy terms provided by the insurance company. We have the most comprehensive insurance options on the market, hands down. To browse our insurance options, select dates, and a vehicle to get the prices.

  • expand_moreWhat kind of insurance do you recommend?

    That’s not easy to answer. But the short and simple answer is that we recommend everyone get the Zero Risk Insurance package we offer. It is, in every way, an exceptional Insurance option in Iceland.

    The only times we’ve had bad reviews and bad experiences are when a camper comes in with damages. It’s always hard for all parties, and we’ve tried hard to safeguard everyone involved. We’ve lowered the self-risk to a more reasonable 300.000 ISK. We take high-resolution photos of every angle of the camper before it goes out. That way, we can refer to those images to never charge our customers for damages they did not cause. We recommend the customer does the same, although we provide full access to the photos we take. We now sign off each camper upon return and do a thorough inspection of the vehicle right away. We no longer send out damage-bills after the customer leaves. The only exception is when customers use our 24/7 Dropoff service; with that service, we have no choice.

    We experience cases where people regret not having purchased additional insurance, and we also have a lot of customers with all the insurance options and never need to use them. That is the nature of insurance.

    There are many gravel roads in Iceland, and you should always be careful when driving behind another vehicle. We recommend you read the policies of the included CDW and make sure that you can afford the CDW deductible (self-risk) of 300.000 ISK. If you can’t, we recommend you buy the Premium Insurance addition. You can “gamble” more when you can afford it.

    We recommend that you keep in mind that you are not covered for these damages in any rental agreement in Iceland:

    • Climbing on the roof
    • Driving into rivers
    • Driving over uneven terrain and big rocks that damage the chassis
    • Off-road driving
    • Racing
    • More

    Your CDW is void if you do this, and you are responsible for all the damages. Read the TM policy terms for more detail on CDW exceptions. 

    Our additional insurance packages are unique in that they address these limitations, and we also directly list out these insurance limitations. They are not hidden in the Terms & Conditions.

    We recommend that you look up what kind of insurance you already have, such as Travel Insurance, Credit Card Insurance, etc.

Website and Booking

  • expand_moreCan I add multiple drivers?

    Yes. You can add as many drivers as you have with you in the group. They must all be at least 20 years of age and they must all show their driver’s license when they arrive at Campeasy to pick up the camper.

  • expand_moreCan I cancel my reservation?

    Yes! Our cancellation policy is extremely lenient. If it’s more than 24 hours until your rental starts, you can cancel your booking in the Planner Area (top-right corner) or emailing us directly.

  • expand_moreCan I make changes to my reservation?

    Yes. You can change your booking up to 24 hours before your rental starts.

    You can change your booking, add or remove extras and insurance, and much more in the Planner Area. You log into the Planner in the top-right corner using your Email and booking number, or if you have an account, using the credentials you chose.

  • expand_moreHow old do I have to be to rent a camper van?

    The minimum age to rent a camper is 20. We have made exceptions in very special cases. For that, email us directly.

  • expand_moreI can't book a camper on your website, what should I do?

    If you aren’t able to complete the purchase, contact your card provider and send us an email.

    We are often able to define the error message in our system, whether it’s a daily limit on the card, a max “one-time charge” limit, or if we are having issues on our side. But we recommend you do both, check with us, and your bank/card provider.

  • expand_moreWhat is the minimum rental period?
    • The minimum rental, for campers and toys, is 3 full days.
    • You can have the unit for shorter than that, but you’ll always pay for the full 3 days.