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Rent a Surfboard


LIB Tech
Nude Bowl

No license Required
Fits on Roof Rack, Small Trailer or Large Trailer

Included in rent:
Life West

Drysuit – Wetsuit

  • No Usage Limitations


  1. 2020 Model

    Brand new Toy

  2. No License Required

    No License is required to operate this Toy

  3. Life West Included

    A free life west with every rental

  4. No Minimum Age

    There is no minimum age for this Toy

  5. Fits: Roof Rack

    The optimal mounting location for this Toy

  6. Fits: Large Trailer

    Suboptimal mounting (Except for 5+)

  7. Fits: Small Trailer

    Suboptimal mounting (Except for 5+)

  8. Mounting: Trailer
  9. Mounting: Trailer
  10. Mounting: Trailer
  11. Mounting: Roof + Trailer
  12. Mounting: Roof + Trailer


  1. Waterpowered!

Surfboard Mounting Options: 2

Properly Insulated

Easy Trailer – Small

The Small Trailer is custom-built in Iceland, by Víkurverk. They are experts at building trailers that can withstand the Icelandic conditions. F-Road approved.

A mounting option for multiple Surfboards. (5-10)

Roof Rack

Roof Rack

The aluminum mesh-style roof racks we mount on our 4×4 line can be used as a viewing platform, to fit a roof box, or to mount multiple Toys.

The recommended mounting options for 1-4 Surfboards.

Adventure Awaits

Properly Insulated

All Brand New

All the CampEasy Toys are brand new. We don’t shop the cheap stuff either. High-quality brands for every occasion.

Powerful Heating System

Quality Mountings

All our trailers are custom-built from scratch to withstand the F-Roads rough terrain. Made in Iceland. Our bicycle mounts are quality Thule mountings, and our roof-racks are large, premium-made aluminum grids. No half-measures.


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