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Privacy Policy

Reviewed and updated: 15.08.2022


CampEasy ehf. (hereinafter “CampEasy” or “Company”) cares about your privacy and takes your privacy very seriously. In this policy, you can see what personal information the Company collects about CampEasy customers and for what purpose. In addition, you can find on what basis personal data is collected, who receives personal data from the Company, and what rights customers enjoy. 

Personal information is collected by CampEasy on customers and how the information is processed.

1. The information you provide when you sign in to the website

When you log in to the CampEasy website, we ask that you enter your email address and order number. We ask you for the above information to identify you and the order you wish to access. To keep track of this information, we use services from Caren and Sensa. The role of Caren and Sensa is only to keep track of the information on our behalf, and the companies do not use the information for other purposes. We keep the information there until you delete your account. We also delete information if no activity has occurred for X years. 

2. Information that CampEasy may process on its customers

2.1. Information regarding bookings on our website

When ordering on our website, you share a variety of information with us so that we can process your booking (e.g., name, address, date of birth, date, phone number, car type booked, accessories, rental time, flight number, hotel/hostel and part of credit card number). This is done based on contractual relationships that arise when bookings are made.

2.2. Information from the lease

When signing the lease, various information about the lessee must be available. (e.g., name, address, phone number, e-mail address, number of persons in the group, type of car, accessories, price, age, driver’s license number, date of birth and year, and part of the credit card information.) This is done based on contractual relationships that arise when bookings are made, and this information comes from the booking.

2.3. Information from GPS tracker

Cars rented out by CampEasy have GPS trackers. They are not under the active supervision of CampEasy employees. The trackers collect information that is not used except in an emergency if threats are caused by weather or any other incident. In addition, customers get their trip sent after it finishes to be able to show friends and family. This is done based on CampEasy’s legitimate interests. Finally, the company has significant interests. The basic reason trackers are in the company’s cars is to warn of the weather, another is a by-product that has proven popular with customers.

2.4. Information on claims settlement

In the event of loss or damage, it is necessary to collect the following information about the customer: a lease, a rental number, a license number, the date of the damage/loss, the damage/loss costs, the signature of the employee and the lessee and a description of the damage. Damage settlement is part of the contractual terms for renting cars.

2.5. Information for communication with CampEasy

Individuals can contact CampEasy by contacting through a dedicated site on the website. Then the company collects the name, email address, and address of the person in question to be able to reply to the message via email. You can also have a conversation through internet chat where the same information is collected, as well as: IP address and booking number if necessary. Collecting information for individuals’ communication with CampEasy is based on the legitimate interests of the company, as it is normal for companies to be able to communicate with their customers and/or potential customers. Communication is at the initiative of individuals.  

Information on the transfer of personal data to a third country

Those who manage the data on our behalf, in some cases, host them outside the European Economic Area. CampEasy is aware that strict conditions apply to the transfer of personal data to third countries. Because of this, CampEasy stores personal data only in the third countries that the European Commission has decided to ensure adequate personal data protection. 

Your rights as a user

You are entitled to certain rights as an individual. You have the rights to access, rights to have your data corrected and any incorrect or misleading information about you erased, the right to delete your personal information under certain circumstances, the right to prevent your personal information from being processed, and the right to data mobility. 

Data Protection Officer

If you have further questions about how CampEasy handles your personal information, this is the contact information for our Data Protection
Officer:name: Arnór
Address: Selvík 5, 230 Reykjanesbær:
arnor @ campeasy.com 

The right to file a complaint with the Data Protection Authority

If you doubt that CampEasy handles your personal information legally, you have the right to file a complaint with the Data Protection Authority (Persónuvernd). PersónuverndRauðarárstíg 10, 105 Reykjavík,Iceland email: [email protected]: +354 510 9600 


The information that is gathered by the company during the use of this website will only be used for the purposes as indicated and in accordance with Icelandic law nr. 77/2000. CampEasy ehf. in Iceland will not give any information to third parties without the explicit permission of the visitor. Furthermore, we strive to secure visitor information, so third parties cannot access this information. While great care is taken to prevent third-party access, CampEasy ehf. in Iceland cannot be held responsible if the information is obtained illegally by third parties.

CampEasy ehf. in Iceland is committed to respecting and safeguarding your privacy following the data protection laws and thus takes great care to protect any personal data collected from you on this website. Understanding the responsibility towards the data collected, we make sure the information if used, is solely for legitimate business purposes.

Booking Information

When you make bookings with us, you need to provide us with basic details, including your full name, your contact number as well as credit/debit type along with its expiry date. CampEasy ehf. in Iceland does not share booking information with third parties.


To provide you with better service, CampEasy ehf. in Iceland website makes limited use of cookies. However, we make sure we don’t store any of your credit card or personal information in these cookies. They contain basic information about your visit (such as the country you selected etc.) or a session id number. This becomes particularly useful in providing easy access when using the client area repeatedly for information.

Secure Transactions

CampEasy ehf. in Iceland is committed to making sure that the details provided in making a booking are kept secure. We make use of Secure Socket Layer or SSL technology as a standard process to secure the information. This technology encrypts all your details, including your credit card information given by you, in such a way that it cannot be misused or read as it’s passed on the internet. After the completion of the transaction, your given information is secured on the computer and not the server, to ensure that it’s safe and cannot be accessed via the internet.

Promotional updates

You can also subscribe to special offers and services to receive emails from us informing you of new services or promotions. You can choose to unsubscribe from this service anytime you wish by simply clicking on the unsubscribe link, given in the emails received by you. By using services of a data mailing provider, we facilitate the dispatch of such promotional updates and e-mails to you. We make sure that the provider maintains the confidentiality of your personal information confidential all the times.

Competitions and promotions

Now and then, we run promotions and competitions, we request your name, e-mail address, and residential address to manage and inform the winner. This information is solely used to inform you regarding these promotions unless you seek to receive further information related to marketing. To develop our customer profile, we may ask you for recommendations, subject-related opinion and information. Results of these competitions might get published online, but details like your name or note by you will not be published without your consent.

Site tracking

We make use of site tracking software to keep a check on visitors coming to our site as well as to improve the design and content of our site. This software uses a cookie system to capture and measure such details as site usage patterns and page views. Cookies are text files sent to your browser and stored on your computer’s hard drive. To receive or block cookies, you can set your browser settings accordingly. Blocking such data can limit functions of the website.

Third-party disclosure

CampEasy ehf. in Iceland does not reveal your personal information to any third party without any prior consent from you, except in emergencies or if or when we are lawfully obliged to do. We do not sell or hire any personally identifiable details received by us from you.
CampEasy ehf. in Iceland might supply statistics about you, sales along with booking patterns as well as third-party-related information, but it will not enclose any personal information.

Customer consent

By making use of this website, you assent to the compilation, storage as well as utilization of this information by CampEasy ehf. in Iceland as specified in our privacy policy. In case of any change in our privacy policy, the changes get posted on the privacy policy page to keep you informed about information collected and used by us and under what circumstances.