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Additional 15% Off for all Campers for Fall and Winter 2023/2024 Seasons.
In addition, 50% Off Zero Risk Insurance


We offer exceptional discounts for Longer Rentals. Example: 35% Discount on rentals that exceed 15+ days. We also offer discounts for Repeat Customers and Multiple Campers.


Book 2 months in advance for a 1% discount. For every additional 2 months, you get a 1% discount.


  • Trip Planner and Navigation Tablet

  • You can Plan your trip from scratch or choose from expert-created templates and have it waiting for you in the included tablet with turn-by-turn navigation. At no additional rental cost! Easy Guide details.

  • The Only Toy Rental in Iceland

  • With us, you can truly get to go on the vacation you deserve. Who doesn‘t want a scooter, golf set, or a kayak on their holiday in Iceland? A wide range of equipment for rent, from surfboards to bicycles.

  • Make Continuous Changes to your Custom Vacation

  • Once you’ve booked, you get full access to your reservation in the Client area. There you can edit your dates, extras, activities, itinerary, transportation from airport, vehicle type and more.

  • Reduce all Deductibles to 0 ISK with Zero Risk Insurance

  • For 5.990 ISK a day, reduce deductibles to 0 ISK. Now includes the only camper van River Crossing Insurance in Iceland. Find better insurance options in Iceland, we dare you.

  • Truly All-Year-Round with Extensive Modifications

  • Exclusively, we insulate the interior with wool and then carpet walls and ceiling. Modified heating system to account for snow storms, added a battery (3 total) and added the Winter Kit.

  • Save Big by Cutting out the Middleman

  • Book directly with us for special deals and direct communications from the start. We offer generous discounts for Early Birds, Long Rentals and full payment.

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2-5 Year Old Campervans

2024 Events

Discover guided Events operated by CampEasy and our partner Vanlife Iceland. We gather a group of like-minded explorers and adventure around Iceland. During these days we cover the best Iceland has to offer combined with the magic of living in a home on four wheels

Find out more about Events


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Online Trip Planner

Plan your trip now using our Online Trip Planner. With it, you can add any stop, book the best tours, find the best campsites, and much more.


Expert-Made Itineraries

Below you can see a sample of our curated trips around Iceland. Start planning your own trip using one of our itineraries, or from scratch.


Navigation Tablet

Upon arrival at our offices, you are handed a tablet which you log into, select your trip, and you are off with full turn-by-turn navigation, and much more.

[Summer] Snæfellsnes - Westfjords - Highlands

This 12 day 4x4 Adventure will take us to places a regular camper cannot, including the Highlands, Westfjords, Snaefellsnes and hidden gems on the South Coast. A very good plan indeed.

2620 km
[Summer] Ring Road - Snæfellsnes - Westfjords - The North

This 13 day trip will take us around the entire Ring Road, exploring the Golden Circle, the North of Iceland, Westfjords and Snæfellsnes Peninsula.

3512 km
[Summer] South Coast Wonders - Highlands

This trip will take us via some F-Roads to the Highlands, accessible by 4x4 campers only. We then drive down the South Coast to see the hottest locations.

1430 km
[Year-Round] The Snæfellsnes Peninsula & Golden Circle

A 3 day adventure to the Snæfellsnes Peninsula - the mini Iceland

1016 km



  • Available 24/7, 365 days of the year. Bottom right, try it now and see.

  • We are available 24/7, 365 days of the year. You can ALWAYS reach us on our website through the live chat in the bottom right corner. Try it now and see. We also answer all emails within 24 hours.

  • We take your calls 24/7 when you are on the road.

  • Whatever you are facing, you can always reach us. We guarantee assistance in case of breakdowns. We take your calls 24/7 when you are on the road.

  • Free ride to CampEasy from the airport.

  • Everyone gets a free ride to our offices from the airport. You book your shuttle in the Client Area. We then drop you off at the airport or bus station, at the end of your rental.

  • Extra duvets, pillows, pots, and much more for free.

  • When you go through the booking process, you’ll find free extras in step 2. We want you to have everything the way you like it, so we offer extra duvets, pillows, pots, pans and more for free.

  • Live fleet management. We never cancel a reservation.

  • Once you’ve booked with us, you get a confirmation through the client area and via Email. Your camper is reserved in the fleet management system and we never have to cancel a reservation. If something comes up, we have a large reserve fleet to deal with it.

  • A pantry where customers leave unused foods for each other.

  • We have an exchange market, where customers stock unused foods and ingredients upon return. In stock there are always the basics like rice, pasta, salt, sugar, paper towels, cereal etc.

  • Wool insulation, carpeted walls, thick duvets, and 3 batteries.

  • Best insulation and heating system available. We are the only ones that insulate using wool, guarantee 12 hours of heating overnight and we provide thick duvets with every rental.

  • We answer all emails within 24 hours.

  • It‘s important to respond to every inquiry or problem quickly. We are aware that small details matter for the success of a good holiday. We‘ll always respond promptly.

Iceland travel advice when traveling with a campervan

For some, visiting Iceland in a campervan is just another bucket list country, and for some – the very first Icelandic vanlife experience! Our travel experts prepared answers to our customers’ most common questions before traveling to Iceland and renting a campervan in Iceland. 

What is the best time to visit Iceland with a campervan?

Choosing a date to visit Iceland could be overwhelming. But worry no more! There is no best or worst time to visit Iceland – just like our camper rental, Iceland is open all year round, offering a different types of activities and sightseeings! Let us guide you through the main seasons – preparation is the key! Let us introduce you to Iceland seasons to help you to decide when it is best to book a camper in Iceland for you.

Spring (April – June). The first Thursday after April 18 is a National holiday – the first day of summer. When you might think we get too excited – you have to experience visiting Iceland in spring and then prove us wrong. The average Iceland temperature in spring is between 0 and 10°C (32-50°F) favored, and extending daylight looks good on our treasured island. Spring is also a great time to witness Iceland’s gems with the minor tourist traffic. Be sure to check out our expert-made travel trip templates for year-round road trips in Iceland or our Iceland vacation packages to find the best Iceland trip for you. 

Summer (June – September). One of the best times to visit Iceland and rent a campervan in Iceland, of course, is the summertime. The summer months are perfect if you prefer long sunny days and mild Icelandic warmth — Iceland’s summer temperature swings around 10 to 15°C degrees Celsius (50-59°F). Sometimes, the sun might surprise you, and the temperature can reach 20-25 °C (68-77 °F)! Extended daylight and warmer weather are perfect for flexible sightseeing and traveling in Iceland, but remember to expect more crowds in main tourist areas.

Autumn (September – October). The average Iceland temperature in autumn variates around 0 – 10°C (32-50°F), with a possible chance of that great summer weather come back (at times up to 18°C or 64°F). Autumn in Iceland creates a new taste for beloved attractions. Check out our Iceland self-drive vacation packages or add a few stops from our selection of tours and activities in Iceland.

Wintertime (November – March). If you choose to travel to Iceland during the winter, buckle up – you are about to see a completely different Iceland and escape all the crowds! Iceland’s temperature in winter usually stays around 0°C (32°F), bringing stronger wind and snow storms. Doubting whether you should hire a campervan in Iceland during the winter? We encourage you to do so – it’s the perfect time for winter activities, and our campers are ready for any weather challenges. Also, you can rent winter sports equipment from us, bring your own, and easily mount it on the roof rack. Our campers feature a Webasto heating system and insulated wool layer, which assists our happy customers in traveling in colder seasons. It’s simply easy to get the most out of Iceland camping in winter when renting a campervan in Iceland.

Is it better to plan the trip ourselves or get holiday packages to Iceland when renting a camper in Iceland?