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Want Iceland All To Yourself? Now is the time.

COVID-19 Summary

Newest update on COVID-19 regulations (December 3rd 2021):
Curently anyone traveling to Iceland needs to present a negative test for SARS-Cov-2 prior to boarding a vessel to Iceland. This also applies to vaccinated individuals and those with a prior infection.

For those who are able to provide a proof of full vaccination (at least 14 days since last dose) or prior infection (at least 14 days since positive test) still have to present a negative test, no more than 72 hours old. For vaccinated individuals and those who have overcome infection they can present either an antigen test (rapid test) or a PCR test.

Individuals who have not been vaccinated or overcome an infection must present a negative PCR test prior to boarding (can not use an antigen test).

The requirement that individuals with ties to Iceland must present a certificate of a negative COVID-19 test upon arrival in Iceland was abolished on October 1st. Connecting passengers who do not leave the border station will also be exempt from presenting such a certificate. Individuals with ties to Iceland, except children born in 2005 or later, will still have to undergo testing after arrival.

Travel restrictions change periodically so it’s vise to check up on them before travel.

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COVID-19 Guide to Visiting Iceland

You want to come to Iceland for a vacation during these strange times. We understand completely. We even think you might be surprised how easy and affordable it is. Here’s how you do it.

Before arrival:

  1. Understand and accept the rules that apply to you, based on the information above.
  2. Book your flight/s. Everything is available in Iceland, so start with flights.
  3. Book your camper. #Offers listed here.
  4. If required, book a quarantine Hotel/Cottage from full list.
  5. 72 hours before departure, fill out the pre-registration form.

Once in Iceland (without quarantine):

  1. Provide the negative PCR-test or proof of vaccination/antibodies.
    • A) CampEasy picks you up at the airport.
    • B) Explore the untouched nature of Iceland as long as you like.
    • C) Drop off the camper, and we drop you off at the airport.

Once in Iceland (with quarantine):

  1. Take the COVID-19 test at the airport.
    • A) CampEasy picks you up at the airport and you take the camper right away.
      1. a) Drive to your selected accommodation and stay for 5 days during the quarantine. You can use the camper to explore during your stay.
      2. b) Take the second test after 5 days in quarantine.
      3. c) Explore the untouched nature of Iceland as long as you like.
      4. d) Drop off the camper, and we drop you off at the airport.
    • B) You make your way to your quarantine accommodation and pick up the camper afterward.
      • a) Once you finish your quarantine, you pick up the camper and explore to your heart’s content.

Vaccination Certificate Requirements

Be in the Icelandic, Danish, Norwegian, Swedish or English language.

First name and last name (as in travel documents).

Date of birth.

When test was performed (date).

Where test was performed (country/city/address).

Name of laboratory/issuer of certificate.

Date of certifcate.

Phone number of laboratory or responsible authority.

Type of test performed (PCR-test or antibody test with ELISA/serologic assay**).

Result of test (PCR-test positive for SARS-CoV-2 or antibodies present).


Since people have to provide a proof of vaccination and/or negative tests at the borders it’s highly unlikely you will have to enter into quarantine. But if you do you are allowed to pick up your camper/rental car before you go to your quarantine location. Just remember to wear a mask and follow the quarantine rules. You cannot stay in the camper but you can stay at a quarantine hotel or rent your own accommodations for those five days. Many rental cottages/cabins have hot tubs, and rest near excellent hiking trails or points of interest (more on that below). There are also hotels that offer special quarantine offers now, with food and entertainment provided throughout your stay. Quarantine as a visitor in Iceland does not mean staying at a hospital or some medical hotel/institution. If you research the regions in Iceland, you’ll quickly find plenty of points of interest to enjoy during those 5 days.

Full List of Quarantine Accommodation

CampEasy COVID-19 Offer

"Covid Special"2021 Bookings

“Covid Special”
2021 Bookings

CampEasy is now offering a 15-25% discount on all campervans.

The Covid Special stacks with the following discounts:
Up to 5% off for Early Birds
Up to 40% off for Long Rentals
3-6% Off for Full Payment

Select your dates below, and see what we can do for you.

Worry-Free Bookings

Cancellation Protection – No Time Limit
There is no time limit on our current cancellation policy. Flights have been known to cancel with only hours to spare, and we will not hold on to your money if you must cancel. Reach out before the hour your rental starts, and we refund.

The COVID-19 Protection
Refunds on remaining days for early returns. If you are tested positive mid-trip and must isolate, we pay back the remaining days.

Reschedule at will
Did you make a bargain using one of our special offers? Don’t want to give it up just because some airlines messed up your immediate plans? Move it to any date of your choosing, at no additional cost.

Freeze your booking
Can’t make it, and don’t have new dates yet? Hold on to that booking and make your choice later. You always have the free cancellation to lean back on if nothing opens up.

Note that if you choose the “Non-Refundable” discount option at checkout, some of these protections are void.

CampEasy During COVID-19

Proven Trustworthy – Money back guarantee
Taking a few minutes and reading feedback online demonstrates our trustworthiness, as multiple parties have written extensively about our excellent refund, and cancellation policy from day one of the pandemic. No vouchers, or anything of the sort, unless asked for.

Sterilizing our Campers
We have taken extensive measures to sterilize our campers before each rental. Two passes on any surface presumed to be touched more than once, new routines to guarantee equipment goes through the cleaning process regardless of how it appears. No COVID-19 cases can be traced to our campers.

A Sparsely Populated Island

Iceland is a sparsely populated island and has long provided an allure for travelers with its untouched nature. We at CampEasy travel a lot around the country, and by avoiding the most commercial destinations, we haven’t found the island crowded by any means. However, there’s always the occasional fellow wanderer passing by during the low season, and you can find some crowds at the most popular destinations during peak season.

CampEasy Benefits

Camper van travel is excellent for social distancing.

Travel by van is cheaper than your hotel-to-hotel trip.

Trustworthy, and reliable to pay you back if anything comes up.

Inherent Benefits

Iceland is considered one of the safest countries in the world.

Currency exchange rates are excellent.

An exploration into the natural Icelandic environment is good for mental and physical health.


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