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Get ready for your road trip to Iceland

The Highlights

In Page - Information Center - Must Read
When Traveling In Iceland
There are certain aspects to Iceland that should be studied before arrival. We recommend every customer read through this section.
Winter Camping
Information on travel around Iceland in a camper in the winter months.
All you need to know about the F-Roads in Iceland.

In-Depth Articles

In Page - Information Center - In-Depth Articles
Maps of Iceland
Custom created maps to help plan your trip.
Facts and Figures
Iceland is so weird when you look at some of the statistics
The Icelandic Highlands - 4x4 Camping
A unique place on earth.
Vehicle Insurance in Iceland
A full analysis of the insurance system in Iceland, and what CampEasy offers.
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Winter Activities
Things you must try in the winter.
Aurora Borealis
The Northern Lights. Have you seen them? Let us run down the main tips to improve your chances.
Hot Springs in Iceland
All the Hot Springs in iceland in one place, along with a map.
Road Trip Packing List
The packing guide for a campervan trip around Iceland.

Trip Planning and Navigating Within Iceland

In Page - Information Center - Easy Guide
The Easy Guide
Read about our free online trip planner, turn-by-turn navigation, and multifunctional tablet.
The Trip Planner
Read about our free online trip planner, turn-by-turn navigation, and multifunctional tablet.
Create your Itinerary
Unique with CampEasy. Free to use.


In Page - Information Center - Mountings and Toys
Roof Racks, Roof Boxes, Motor- and Bicycle Racks, and Trailers.
Rent a Toy
Iceland's only toy rental. Take it out. On your own. A unique experience exclusive with CampEasy. Browse here.
Bring Your Own
Our NEW and 4X4 Campers have mounting options for most personal equipment.
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for road trips in Iceland
What To Pack:

- Lots of layers. Wool and fleece are best.
- 2 Swimtrunks/bathing suits.
- Sports bras are excellent for bathing without facilities.
- Two pairs of boots. Waterproof boots are best.
- Don't have many boots? Bring extra pairs of shoes.
- A day backpack, gloves, a hat, and a scarf.
- A waterproof coat and waterproof pants.

- Duffel bags and backpacks are easier to fit in the camper.

What To Rent:

- Towels, at CampEasy, to use at campsites.
- Towels, at the swimming pools around Iceland.

On The Road, Keep In Mind That:

- When it's windy, you must drive slow.
- Weather changes rapidly. Monitor through the tablet.
- You can chat with us through the tablet during the daytime.

What To Know:
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