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Arnór Hauksson


Marketing strategy, concept-building, and the go-to guy for anything IT in the company. Reads more Sci-Fi and Fantasy than most and loves to work in the evenings.

Theodóra Heimisdóttir


Tedda is an expert in financials and makes sure we can continue building our company. She is one of the few women in the world that is competing in Enduro and Motocross around the world at age 50+.

Haukur Þorsteinsson

Product Development

A Dirt Bike fanatic. Hawk has traveled the world over and raced dirt bikes in every corner where you have access to fuel. He can do pretty much anything that involves a power tool or wrench. Our lead-designer on Campervan builds.

Eggert Óskar Ólafsson

General Manager

Runs the day-to-day operations at CampEasy. The go-to guy for the entire crew. Has a raw sense of humor and is a guitar expert. Winner of Troubadour contests and Football Manager Marathons.


Supervisor / Marketing Manager

The nicest person we’ve ever met. Holly has a way about her, making her unequivocally the most popular with CampEasy customers. Surprisingly Australian, despite her mixed accent. Knows almost everything there is to know about Iceland.


Service Manager

Kamila is our cool-calm-and collected service agent with a bubbly personality that brightens up a room when she walks in it. She is a fantastic baker and we love to test her amazing creations.


Web Development Manager

Basia is the Excel expert in the company with an artist’s soul. In her spare time, she creates elaborate, artistic cakes that are out of this world. She is extremely friendly and loyal and with a wicked sense of humor.

Ásta Gísladóttir

Web Developer

Self-confessed “Big Nerd”, Ásta is big into science fiction, community theatre and technology, which is good because she works with computers.

Eyja Jóhannesdóttir

Sales Agent

Eyja comes from the Westfjords and has many interesting stories to tell, like this one time when her house got buried in snow and she had to dig a tunnel from the front door to get out… She owns many animals including a horse and despite her young looks she is actually already a grandmother.

Agne Gustyte

Online Sales Manager

Agne is a ballerina with a chocolate addiction from Lithuania, she has a very cute kid and a very cute dog. She handles our online sales integration as well as helping out in the service area when things get busy.



Agnar is a very thorough and excellent mechanic who does not rest until he has completed his work to perfection. On his days off he likes woodworking and renovating houses. He is a dad to two adult kids and he also likes to travel and relax.

Kristján Jay Warrick

Cleaning Supervisor

Kristján loves heavy metal, gaming and monster energy drinks. A very hard worker but a relaxed kinda guy. He has an eye for detail, keeping your campers in tip-top shape.

Pawel Kruk

Workshop Manager / Mechanic

Pawel is the most Polish guy we have ever met. Very hard working but great to banter with, always has great stories and jokes and we never get bored when he is around. He keeps your campervans running smooth like clockwork.

Anna María Ríkharðsdóttir


Anna María is our long-standing keeper-of-the-books, she juggles the accounts everyday and is a lovely and kind personality to have in the office. Loves her 7 grandkids, visiting Spain, red wine and cooking.

Eva Margrét Ásmundsdóttir

Service Agent / Purchasing Manager

Eva is arguably our most glamorous of us all. A busy mom of 3, she has just graduated to become a Real Estate Agent. She handles all our purchasing and is also a service agent.

Adam Wróbel

Automotive Technical Officer

Adam is a family man and our go-to guy when we need a tow or some information about a car. He knows everything about our fleet and is an excellent problem solver. Also handles a bit of quality control to ensure perfection.


MacGyver / Quality Control Manager

Damian is passionate about car detailing and restoration and in his free time he loves to snowboard and eat. At CampEasy he takes care of our campers and is our Jack Of All Trades, able to jump in anywhere to help out. He is also in charge of quality control.


Service Agent

Fontana is an Icelandic-Texan hybrid, with lots of colorful stories and a wealth of knowledge about Iceland. She is a popular service agent who loves to go for long drives and eat weird food. Has owned almost every type of pet imaginable but now is a busy mother of four.

Timea Turos

All over the place

Timea is a professional massage therapist, outside of working at CampEasy. She is super sweet and bubbly and one of the nicest people we have ever met. She is an avid traveler. She often goes on errands, and sometimes lends a hand in the laundry room.


Cleaning Supervisor

By far the most entertaining person at CampEasy. His workspace is as colorful as he is, and if you hear pop hits from the early 00s coming from our cleaning bays you can be sure that Marcin is hard at work. His smile will brighten your day, we love Marcin.

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