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Iceland is calling! Campers at an additional 20% off await you! In addition, all insurance options and all extras 20% off!


A Trip Planner comes free with every camper. Trip Planner, Shuttle Planner, Activity Planner. Manage Bookings, Trips, Extras, Insurance, Communicate. Sign up for free and start using the Trip Planner. More.



Long rentals, Early Birds, and Full Payments = More Discounts

Add extra duvets, pillows, pots, pans, songbooks, frisbees, and much more on step two in the booking process.


We offer exceptional discounts for Longer Rentals. Example: 35% Discount on rentals that exceed 15+ days. We also offer discounts for Repeat Customers and Multiple Campers.


Book for 3 days and get 5% off the camper. For every additional 2 days, you get a 5% discount.


Book 2 months in advance for a 1% discount. For every additional 2 months, you get a 1% discount.


Receive an additional 3% discount at checkout for non-refundable booking.


Book 2 campers or more at once for a 5% discount. Request your Coupon Code.


Book again with CampEasy for a 5% discount. Request your Coupon Code.


Smart Booking Engine

CampEasy Specials are added automatically as you go through the booking process.

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