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Easy Monster 4x4
Easy Monster 4x4
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Easy Monster 4X4


0-2-Year-Old Campervans

2024 Mercedes Benz Sprinter CDI 319 – Available from September 2024.

The Monster 4×4 Super Camper is one of a kind, and we’ve expanded on the new 2024 Luxury interior design. It has a 32″ TV, a dedicated 5G mobile antenna, a dedicated 5G Teltonika router, and 50 meters of LED strip lighting. On top of that, we’ve added a 2kw sinus inverter and a whopping 200AH of lithium battery storage. You can now use all your electronics directly: 5V USB, 12V cigarette, and the classic 230V. On the outside, we’ve got a massively raised chassis, roof rack, roof ladder, enormous tires, and a mounted spare. And that’s just some of the things we’ve done for it. From the factory, we buy the “Business” version, sporting heated seats, rain sensors, adaptive fog lights, 92L fuel tank, reverse camera, suspended driver’s seat, crosswind assist, leatherette seating, additional USB and wireless charging, heated mirrors, heated windows, and that is just a tiny fraction of the feature list.

The Mercedes Benz Sprinter has a unique place in Icelandic mountaineering history. It is one of the few vehicles, and especially vans, that can take a significant wheel modification without replacing the entire chassis. It has a 9-speed gearbox with a low 1st gear ratio, supporting the wheel conversion nicely. It has proven reliable both inside and out. As a result, most highland bus travel occurs in a Mercedes Benz Sprinter converted van, but this is the first time anyone has offered a camper-modified version for the independent experience.

The Easy Monster 4×4 Super Camper includes a 30-minute lesson on how it works and what it is capable of. It’s Iceland’s first “go big or go home” camper van available for rent.

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  • Highland
  • P R D N Automatic
  • Highland
  • AWD
  • Highland
  • 3 Seats
  • Highland
  • 3 Beds
  • Highland
  • 3 Large Bags
  • Highland
  • 3 Small Bags

Camper Highlights

  1. 0-2-year-old Camper

    Brand new Campers

  2. F-Road Vehicle

    With its raised chassis and larger tyres, it‘s ready for the rougher roads

  3. River Crosser

    Can cross rivers with extra Insurance.Use extreme caution

  4. LTE Roof Antenna

    Best-in-class WIFI equipment built in

  5. TV and Media

    TV and Media Player bult in

  6. Coffee Machine

    Quality Coffee Machine

  7. Roof Rack

    Viewing platform, sitting area, and mounting location + Roof Bag

  8. Roof Ladder

    Ladder on the back for easy roof access

  9. Mounted Spare Tyre
  10. Information Tablet
  11. Wool Insulation
  12. Webasto Heating
  13. 3 Lithium Batteries
  14. Charging Station
  15. Battery Monitor
  16. GPS Navigation
  17. Built-in Messaging
  18. Solar Powered Ventilation
  19. Extra Thick Beds
  20. Thick Duvets
  21. 2 Compressor Fridges
  22. Cook and Kitchenware
  23. Running Water
  24. Laundry Rack
  25. Curtains
  26. Tinted Windows
  27. Wireless Charging

Vehicle Specification

  1. 4x4 Drive

    4WD when you need it, economic and FWD when you don't

  2. Raised Chassis

    Increased ground clearance, along with larger tyres

  3. Tow Hitch

    Ready to take on various mounts

  4. 191 Horsepower

    A very powerful, yet economical Diesel engine

  5. 93 Fuel Tank

    Large fuel tank for easier logistics when travelling

  6. Heated Seats

    Heated seats for extra comfort

  7. Bluetooth

    Bluetooth phone interface for your music on the road

  8. Reverse Camera

    A reverse camera to make your road trip a bit easier

  9. Diesel 2L TDI
  10. TRONIC Automatic Gearbox
  11. 10-Inch Touch Screen
  12. Multifunction Steering Wheel
  13. Heated Mirrors
  14. Powered Mirrors
  15. Air Condition
  16. ABS Breaks
  17. Fog Cornering Lights
  18. Larger Tyres
  19. Mileage: 13.5L/100km
  20. Mileage: 17.42Mpg
  21. Emissions: 243g/km
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      More Vehicle Specification

    1. Vehicle Length: 6.97m
    2. Vehicle Height: 3m
    3. Vehicle Width: 2,2m
    4. Airbags
    5. Airbag Deactivation
    6. Driver Lumbar Support
    7. Driver Arm Rest
    8. Adjustable Driver Seat
    9. Leather Steering Wheel
    10. Heated Rear Window
    11. Rain Sensing Wipers
    12. Fog Lights
    13. 5 Doors
    14. USB and AUX
    15. Mud Flaps
    16. Tyre Changing Tools
    17. Warning Triangle

      Sleep And Comfort

    1. 3 Thick Duvets
    2. 3 Pillows
    3. 3 Sheets
    4. 2 Sets of Bed Linen
    5. Basket
    6. Master Bed Length: 200cm
    7. Master Bed Width: 177cm
    8. Single Bed Length: 177cm
    9. Single Bed Width: 110cm
    10. Floor Mat

      Kitchen And Dining

    1. 2 Pots
    2. 1 Pan
    3. 4 Bowls
    4. 4 Small Plates
    5. 4 Big Plates
    6. 4 Cups
    7. 4 Dining Spoons
    8. 4 Dining Forks
    9. 4 Dining Knifes
    10. Broom and Shovel
    11. Washing Liquid
    12. Dishwasher Brush
    13. Whisk
    14. Ladle
    15. Spatula
    16. BBQ Tong
    17. Can Opener
    18. Bottle Opener
    19. Cutting Board
    20. Kitchen Knife
    21. Kettle
    22. 2 Hot Pot Pads
    23. Dish Cloth
    24. Hand Towel

      Safety Gear

    1. First Aid Kit
    2. Accident Report
    3. Fire Extinguisher
    4. Safety Tracking
    5. Live Warnings
    6. ICE SAR Connection
    7. 24/7 Assistance
    8. Live Chat
    9. Weather Monitor
    10. Road Monitor

      Winter Additions

    1. Winter Tyres
    2. Window Rake
    3. Extra Rags
    4. Shovel

      Free Stuff

    1. CampEasy Songbook
    2. Extra Duvet
    3. Extra Pillow
    4. Extra Pan
    5. Extra Pot
    6. Sunglasses
    7. Bandana / Buff
    8. Frisbee
    9. Blanket

Build Quality

Interior view of the campervan

Properly Insulated

CampEasy campers are the only ones that come with Wool Insulation, and then a carpet layer on almost all metal parts inside the cabin. This is drastically different from using a camper without insulation, as leaning up against cold metals is not the most comfortable experience.

Powerful Heating System

Powerful Heating System

We have taken multiple steps to ensure good heating. We include a third battery in the camper, insulate using wool, snowstorm adjust for heater intake, and take other steps to ensure warmth even during the coldest months.

Close up on Mercedes Logo

Well Equipped from the Dealer

When choosing the vehicle for a custom-built camper, many things are taken into consideration. We pack our ordering list with insulation, comfort, and safety accessories.

The Expert

Northern Lights

Hunting the Northern Lights

The dream machine to explore Iceland’s wilderness and hunt for the elusive lightshow that is the Aurora Borealis. Our 4×4 campers won’t let you down.


Reaching The Highlands

With the raised chassis and larger wheels, this camper is suited to traverse the highland roads of Iceland. A unique environment only accessible a few months a year.

Snow in Iceland

Driving in Snow

Traction Control, ABS, Post Collision Braking, and Excellent Winter Tyres make it handle quite well in the rough. A 4×4 system with all four wheels active only when needed, producing a surprisingly economical four-wheel-drive vehicle.


Roof Rack Image

Carrying Stuff

Got gear to bring? Put it on the roof. Pre-Mounted roof rack and Roof-Box. Free of charge.

Mountings available for: Kayaks, Surf Boards, Golfing Gear, and much more.

Bike Rack

Mounting Stuff

This model has mountings to take on a Bike Rack, free of charge. We offer a Mountain Bicycle for rent, but you are also welcome to bring your own.

The Easy Guide

Direct Access

The Trip Planner

An itinerary builder with highlighted material from “The Icelandic Roadmap” creators, mixed in with CampEasy recommended activities, Points Of Interest and campsites. Choose from our pre-made templates or start from scratch.

Direct and Free Cancellation

Provided Safety

On-screen, you get live warnings from the Icelandic Search and Rescue network (ICE-SAR) and weather alerts and warnings from CampEasy, all based on your location. You also get easy access to weather and road monitoring.

Talk To Us Directly

The Tablet

In your tablet, you have built-in turn-by-turn navigation, an itinerary builder, suggested nearby attractions, ticket and entrance booking engine for most activities around Iceland, a direct line of communication with CampEasy, manuals, and much more.

The Easy Guide
Your assistant always at hand
The Easy Guide
Winter Camping
the professionals in winter rentals
Winter Camping with CampEasy

Interior Features

camper interiors
charging options in a camper
dining area in a camper
beds and duvets in a camper
Modern Interiors
Charging Options Built-In
Spacious Dining Area
Thick Beds and Duvets
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Modern Interiors
Charging Options Built-In
Spacious Dining Area
Thick Beds and Duvets
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woman leaning out the window of the campervan with her hand raised


Post on Instagram with the @CampEasyIceland or #CampEasyIceland hashtag and win a $100 ICEWEAR gift card. New winners are selected weekly.

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