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Tesla Camper Y
Tesla Camper Y
Tesla Camper Y
Tesla Camper Y
Tesla Camper Y
Tesla Camper Y
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Tesla Camper Y 4X4


0-2 Year-Old Tesla

2023 Tesla Model Y.

The Tesla Camper Y 4×4 offers a brilliant way to explore one of the most eco-friendly countries on the planet. Iceland is powered by renewables alone, with abundant geothermal and hydroelectric power, making the electricity here exceptionally cheap. There are a few better ways to make your environmental footprint smaller than driving a Tesla in Iceland.
Most campsites in Iceland now offer electricity and cooking facilities, allowing you to travel lighter without a built-in kitchen and running water. Therefore we focused on utilizing the space for a custom-built, thick, and large mattress, good storage, and we went with an 3.75 gallon / 14 L fridge, skipping over the built-in kitchen but providing everything you need to comfortably cook using the campsite facilities.

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  • Highland
  • P R D N Automatic
  • Highland
  • 4x4
  • Highland
  • Electric
  • Highland
  • 2 Seats
  • Highland
  • 2 Beds
  • Highland
  • 1 Large Bags
  • Highland
  • 1 Small Bags

Camper Highlights

  1. 2023 Models

    Our "NEW" Campers are never more than 2-years-old. (730 days)

  2. Softer Suspension

    New suspension for a much softer ride

  3. F-Road Capable

    With its raised chassis and larger tires, it's ready for the rougher roads

  4. Raised Chassis

    Extra ground clearance, along with larger tires takes it much further

  5. Roof Box

    High quality roof box from Thule

  6. Electric

    Good for the environment, but also for your wallet

  7. Rear Box

    High Quality tow hitch box from Thule

  8. Information Tablet

    GPS, videos, chat, nearby POI, tour bookings and more

  9. Cabin Heating System
  10. GPS Navigation
  11. Roof Rack
  12. Autopilot
  13. Built-in Messaging
  14. Tinted Glass Roof
  15. Thick Duvets
  16. Extra Thick Bed
  17. Battery Monitor
  18. Compressor Fridge
  19. Wireless Phone Charger
  20. Tinted Windows
  21. USB Everywhere
  22. Curtains
  23. Quality Stove
  24. Laundry Rack
  25. Cook and Kitchenware

Vehicle Specification

  1. No Spare Tyre

    You need to be careful when driving far into F-Roads

  2. 515 Horsepower

    Electric and powerful

  3. Range: 533 km / 331 mi

    Long range model takes you all the way

  4. Traffic-Aware Cruise Control

    Let the car drive, you enjoy the view

  5. Larger Mud Tyres

    We increase tire size for a better F-road experience

  6. Constant Torque

    Continuous torque with no transmission needed

  7. Tow Hitch

    Ready to take on various mounts

  8. Quad Motor

    Increases efficiency while delivering exceptional traction and control in slippery conditions

  9. Autonomous Emergency Braking
  10. ABS Brakes
  11. Traction Control
  12. Parking Sensors
  13. Park Distance Control
  14. 360° Parking Camera
  15. Mobile Phone Interface
  16. Heated Windshield
  17. Heated Mirrors
  18. Powered Mirrors
  19. Bluetooth
  20. Air Condition
  21. Remote Lock
  22. Battery Capacity: 77,8 kWh
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      More Vehicle Specification

    1. Tyre Size: 19-inch
    2. Vehicle Length: 4.75m
    3. Vehicle Height: 1.62m
    4. Vehicle Width: 2.12m
    5. 5 Doors
    6. Rain Sensing Wipers
    7. Powered Windows
    8. 15-inch Multifinction Dashboard Display
    9. USB and AUX
    10. Subwoofer
    11. 14 Speakers
    12. Warning Triangle
    13. Airbags
    14. Driver Lumbar Support
    15. Electric Adjustable Driver Seat
    16. Heated Driver Seat
    17. Heated Steering Wheel
    18. Airbag Deactivation
    19. Fog Lights
    20. Tire Pressure Sensors

      Sleep And Comfort

    1. 2 Thick Duvets
    2. 2 Pillows
    3. 2 Sheets
    4. 2 Sets of Bed Linen
    5. Basket
    6. Bed Length: 210 cm
    7. Bed Width: 115 cm

      Kitchen And Dining

    1. 1 Pot
    2. 1 Pan
    3. 3 Bowls
    4. 3 Small Plates
    5. 3 Big Plates
    6. 3 Cups
    7. 3 Dining Spoons
    8. 3 Dining Forks
    9. 3 Dining Knifes
    10. Whisk
    11. Ladle
    12. Spade
    13. BBQ Tong
    14. Bottle Opener
    15. Can Opener
    16. Cutting Board
    17. Kitchen Knife
    18. Kettle
    19. Hot Pot Pad
    20. 1 Dish Cloth
    21. 1 Rag

      Safety Gear

    1. First Aid Kit
    2. Accident Report
    3. Fire Extinguisher
    4. Safety Tracking
    5. Live Warnings
    6. ICE SAR Connection
    7. 24/7 Assistance
    8. Live Chat
    9. Weather Monitor
    10. Road Monitor

      Winter Additions

    1. Winter Tires
    2. Window Rake
    3. Shovel
    4. Extra Rags

      Free Stuff

    1. CampEasy Songbook
    2. Sunglasses
    3. Bandana / Buff
    4. Frisbee
    5. Blanket
    6. Extra Pillow
    7. Extra Duvet
    8. Extra Pan
    9. Extra pot
    10. Extra Stove

Build Quality

Camp Mode

Tesla Camping Mode

The Tesla Camping Mode feature lets you turn your vehicle into a warm and ventilated cabin where you can comfortably sleep. When activating the Camping Mode, you get a fireplace ambiance on the screen, light music, the lighting dims, and the vehicle regulates the humidity and temperature.

When testing, we were pleasantly surprised by how quietly the heating ran and how little it drained the battery (less than 10%.)

Long Range

Long Range

The Long Range version of the Tesla Y is ideal for your road trip in Iceland. You can travel up to 533 km on a full charge, giving you the maximum possible range a Tesla Model Y can offer.

There are no areas in Iceland where the next charger is more than 200 km away. We even have charging stations in the highland tundra!

The Expert At

Designed for Safety


5-Star Rating and Best in Class Safety Model Y achieved a 2022 5-star Euro NCAP safety rating and won the Best in Class award in the Small Off-Road category.

360° View

360° View

Rear, side and forward-facing cameras provide maximum visibility. Powerful visual processing at up to 250 meters of range. Tesla Vision detects nearby cars, helps prevent potential collisions and assists with parking.



Autopilot’s advanced safety and convenience features are designed to assist you with the most burdensome parts of driving.

Travel costs: electricity vs. fuel

Petrol and Diesel have become prohibitively expensive. Electricity is friendly not only for the environment but also for your wallet, especially in Iceland. Below we compare the running cost of a Tesla and a traditional combustion engine camper.

Ten days of travel, with an average of 300km a day.

Tesla Camper Y 4×4Avarage CampEasy Camper
Daily usage26,1 kWh30 L
Unit cost50 ISK / kWh (fast charging)315 ISK / L
Daily cost1305 ISK9450 ISK
Overall cost13050 ISK94500 ISK
Savings: 81450 ISK

It’s easy to see that you can save a lot of money by choosing Tesla Camper Y 4×4.

Map of Iceland with pinned electric car stations

Where can I charge my Tesla Camper 4×4?

It is necessary to have a smart device with you, either a tablet or a phone, to download and access the Tesla app when renting a Tesla Camper 4×4.

Iceland has a lot of charging stations now. The government strongly incentivizes new infrastructure, resulting in rapid growth.

There is only one highway in Iceland, which runs in a circle, making it almost impossible to plan a route that doesn’t include charging options.

The PlugShare website is one of many tools/websites where you can get a complete overview of the charging options around Iceland.

We also recommend you install the e1 – eONE EV Charging app, which gives you access to all the charging stations, regardless of the operator.

Campsites with electricity and cooking facilities

The Tesla camper comes with a standard wall socket charger. When you arrive at a campground, you can request access to electricity and plug in the car. Most of the campsites in Iceland offer electricity for a small fee.

Tesla’s Camp Mode is efficient and will drain around 10% of your battery overnight. If you plug in your camper, you can reverse that drain and turn it into a gain of about 15%. We like to make things Easy, so we made a map of all the campsites in Iceland that offer electricity:

A list of all All-year campsites in Iceland that offer electricity and cooking facilities:

A list of all winter campsites in Iceland that offer electricity and cooking facilities:

Not every campsite is open during the Winter. Be aware about this and check the list below that includes all campsites in Iceland that offer electricity and cooking facilities during the Winter.

Tesla Superchargers in Iceland

Finally, there are eight supercharging stations around Iceland to recharge your Camper at super speeds. Approximately 241km in 15 minutes. We recommend making these destinations a part of your route. It’s an astounding time saver. The charging stations are all open 24/7. We recommend regular stops and not running your camper below 30% at any point—no need to create stress.

The Tesla Superchargers can only be used with the Tesla App. You must download the app and open an account. Without this, you cannot use the Tesla Superchargers.

A map of Tesla Superchargers in Iceland

A list of all the Tesla Superchargers in Iceland

2 Austursíða

603 Akureyri

6 Klausturvegur

880 Kirkjubæjarklaustur

9 Kaupvangur 9

700 Egilsstadir


500 Staður


108 Reykjavík

24 Vatnagarðar

104 Reykjavik

1 Vikurbraut

780 Höfn

10 Austurvergur

860 Hvolsvöllur

Camp in comfort

We add to our Tesla a fantastic window blind system unlike any other ever made. Window blinds become an extension of the interior of your Tesla, and they are a solid cassette design for thermal insulation – foldable & compact. The outside ballistic nylon fabric in black gives excellent privacy to allow you to camp anywhere incognito, while the interior of the Tesla contains a bright & cozy atmosphere with a sense of spaciousness.

The window blinds can be installed in just a few minutes, and the magnetic lock system makes it such that all side doors can be attached while standing outside the Tesla. The front and the rear window has magnets with extra pads that hold them in place through the glass. In the back window, a movie theater adjustable iPad holder can be used with any size screen. The whole set folds together into the front blind, which becomes a storage bag.

Tesla Windows Blinds

Extras from CampEasy

Kitchen Inventory

Tesla Campers are a little bit different than our Easy Camper lineup. As it’s a regular car (not a van), there is no space for cooking inside. But don’t worry, many campsites in Iceland have cooking facilities where you can cook your food. That’s why we provide everything you need for cooking: plates, cups, cutlery, stoves, etc.

Please check our map to ensure the campsite you plan to stay at has cooking facilities.

Tesla Camper Y 4X4
Truly Green Camping in Iceland
Tesla Camper Y 4X4
The Easy Guide
Your assistant always at hand
The Easy Guide

The Easy Guide

Direct Access

The Trip Planner

An itinerary builder with highlighted material from “The Icelandic Roadmap” creators, mixed in with CampEasy recommended activities, Points Of Interest and campsites. Choose from our pre-made templates or start from scratch.

Direct and Free Cancellation

Provided Safety

On-screen, you get live warnings from the Icelandic Search and Rescue network (ICE-SAR) and weather alerts and warnings from CampEasy, all based on your location. You also get easy access to weather and road monitoring.

Talk To Us Directly

The Tablet

In your tablet, you have built-in turn-by-turn navigation, an itinerary builder, suggested nearby attractions, ticket and entrance booking engine for most activities around Iceland, a direct line of communication with CampEasy, manuals, and much more.

Interior Features

camper interiors
beds and duvets in a camper
Modern Interiors
Thick Beds and Duvets
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Modern Interiors
Thick Beds and Duvets
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Floor Plans

woman leaning out the window of the campervan with her hand raised


Post on Instagram with the @CampEasyIceland or #CampEasyIceland hashtag and win a $100 ICEWEAR gift card. New winners are selected weekly.

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