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The Trip Planner

for your perfectly planned Iceland road trip

Trip Planner for Iceland

Our signature Trip Planner tool is the key to a better road trip around Iceland. At its core, it is a software solution aimed at assisting anyone wanting to travel around Iceland.

Plan your trip in the Trip Planner interface on our website – add any locations, stops, activities and campsites. You can start from scratch or browse our expert-made Trip Plans and make them your own with edits and additions. Book tours, purchase tickets, and plan everything from home. Upon arrival in Iceland, your trip will be ready and waiting in the included Easy Guide tablet.

Create Your Dream Trip Right Here

You can start making plans by creating an itinerary using the online Trip Planner tool. Create an itinerary from scratch either select from templates, add activities, and more. We recommend beginning by creating an account, granting you free browsing and access to this signature tool.

How to start using the Trip Planner?
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STEP 1: Select Itinerary Template

  • We recommend you start with one of our templates.

STEP 2: Make It Your Own

  • Once you have selected a template you want to use as your base, you can start editing.

STEP 3: Find Destinations and Activities

  • Use our search to add any destination and book recommended activities.

The Trip Planner In The Easy Guide Tablet

Log in and select the trip you created, or make a new trip right there on the tablet. Once you get your camper, log into the Easy Guide tablet. There you will get full turn-by-turn navigation, with options to add detours and edit your journey on the road. Book additional tours, browse tailored information on nearby points of interest (Icelandic Map Creators), communicate directly with CampEasy, receive live weather and road warnings from ICE-SAR based on your location, and much, much more.

How to use Trip Planner in Iceland?
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Login to the Tablet

When picking up your camper, enter your Trip ID into the tablet. There you will find your saved planned trips.

Camper Van icon CampEasy

Navigate and Enjoy

In the Easy Guide tablet, you will find turn-by-turn navigation to take you to your custom-created trip destinations. 

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Let us Assist

On your tablet, you will find a chat option with CampEasy agents, loads of information, and more fun stuff!

Why we recommend to use the Trip Planner?

When we think of traveling, it usually means that it is necessary to research a particular country or a place. Think of Trip Planner as help that will guide you through the main journey planning stages. Simply use Trip Planner for…