Easy Guide Trip Planner

Meet The Easy Guide

Introducing the Easy Guide – the only assistant you will need on the roads of Iceland. The Easy Guide software solution and supportive tablets are included within all our campers. It is a fantastic travel assistant that you will love from the moment you try it. Your personalized Easy Guide tablet will greet you in your camper. Just activate it and find all the information about your itinerary inside of your new intelligent assistant. The Easy Guide will serve as your turn-by-turn navigator, internet hot-spot, admission holder for awaiting activities & campsites. The Easy Guide will also alert you about hazardous weather conditions, and an in-built tracking device will retrieve your location to rescue personal in case of an emergency.

The Easy Guide is free and comes with every CampEasy camper. It sits comfortably in the resting place we have made for it in the window. You get all the features for free, except the WiFi, which comes with a 900 ISK fee for each day of usage. It can cover multiple devices at once, so it’s well worth the investment for many, especially if you have a laptop, tablet, wifi-enabled camera, or any other device without a sim card.

What is inside the Easy Guide?

Routes & Navigation

Not sure how to begin planning a journey in Iceland? Start from scratch, browse through expert-made Trip Plans and make them your own with edits and additions. Upon arrival in Iceland, your trip will be ready and waiting in the included tablet. Browsing these itineraries is also a great way to get ideas and add to your route. If you don’t want to plan an itinerary, the tablet suggests interesting nearby locations while driving around without any need for an itinerary. In addition, in-built navigation will make sure that you will reach your destinations every day.

The Easy Guide tablet is connected to our signature Trip Planner feature. The Trip Planner is a free online and user-friendly tool for your upcoming journey. Its functions help manage your forthcoming trip easily: browse through the already prepared trip templates or create your own.

Tours & Activities

Planning and booking activities in Iceland has never been more accessible! Now you can choose from more than 400 tours and activities from all around Iceland in one place. CampEasy team carefully selected the most optimal and fitting tours for you.

You can book activities before the trip using our Trip Planner tool via tablet, which will be waiting for you in your camper. Tours can be booked before your trip through an online trip planner, as well as on the tablet. We classified tours by regions, categories, and difficulty – all you need to do is decide what kind of adventure you are hungry for. You can filter activities by categories and find tours by the place or nearby.

Having a hard time choosing? Check the TOP 50 tours and activities in Iceland, which will complete your Iceland bucket list.

Alerts & Warnings

CampEasy has offered tablets for free for all of the campers for a while now, with great success. One of its main immediate attractions – tools for safety. The tablet functions as a tracking device, allowing us and you to pinpoint your location in case of an emergency. While driving, it will alert you if there are hazardous weather conditions, eruptions, floods, and other issues in the area through the ICE SAR network.


Feels like you forgot to ask us something? Our tablets include a live chat function, where you can contact our assistants from 8 AM to 4:30 PM. Keep in mind that this chat feature is not for emergencies and that in some cases, it might take 30 to 180 minutes for our agents to answer back.


Besides the features listed before, the Easy Guide tablets have way more functions than that. As we mentioned earlier – you are going to love your new assistant! Be sure to check the information section on your tablet if you will come across some issues. Discover weather forecasts for the whole of Iceland, road conditions, news, and other essential information while being on Icelandic roads: