CampEasy Events

Embark on hosted expeditions with kindred spirits, delving into the wonder-filled world of Iceland’s captivating landscapes and breathtaking beauty.

What are CampEasy Events?

Welcome to the wonderful world of CampEasy Events!
Our hosted road trips are not just ordinary journeys, they are enchanted adventures that bring together a tribe of kindred spirits to explore the wonders of Iceland.
Our spellbinding odysseys blend the best of Iceland’s natural marvels with the enchantment of dwelling in a mobile home. As we traverse this land of fire and ice, we create unforgettable memories together that will leave you spellbound.
Our CampEasy Events are an experience like no other.

Upcoming Events

3rd – 10th November 2024

Join professional photographer and videographer Ronald Söthje (Instagram: @ronald_soethje) as he chases the Northern Lights and dramatic winter sun over Iceland at the most challenging but perhaps most beautiful time of the year.

Created by Local Experts

Every enchanting event has been meticulously crafted by our team of expert hosts and guides.
From the camper rentals to the accommodations and campsites, we have woven the best routes and most enchanted attractions into one seamless experience. Leave your worries behind and let us weave our magic to save you precious time and create a truly wonderful adventure.

Highlights of the Events

Our Events Hosts

Every event is hosted by amazing local hosts. They will be waiting for you in our headquarters and will be at the campsite every day to welcome you with open arms.

We curate our hosts from local experts and great guides, all masters at hosting events and creating unforgettable experiences.

You don’t need to worry about preparing before the activity – you will be guided in any activities that you will be attending.

How it works

What’s included

Local expert Hosts

Fully Equipped 4×4 Camper-van

Campsite fees

Fees for activities included in the trip

Easy Guide tablet

Not included


Flight to Iceland


Food and Beverages

Personal expenses

Extra activities

A look inside the van

Your home during the Event. Fully equipped with kitchen, heater and a comfy bed.

A trip by campervan is the best kind of life. Anywhere you go, your home follows. You’ve got a kitchen for food, a fridge for cold drinks, a bed for naps and always.

Some useful guides to van life in Iceland

We have compiled everything you need to know before hitting the roads in Iceland in a few helpful blogs. Have a read and if you still have questions just contact us at [email protected]


If your question is not covered in the below answers, please contact us at [email protected]

Due to the COVID19 test at the airport, there are some limitations to the shuttle operations. We still offer the same transportation options, but we need you to call us when you have picked up your luggage. We will then send a driver to come and pick you up.

When you exit the airport, call:
+354 5711310

This pandemic has been tough on everybody but rest assured that travel around the country is not impossible. You just need to be well informed. Start by reading through our Covid-19 information page. It tells you exactly what to expect, how CampEasy is addressing the issue and where to find the relevant information. This information page is updated whenever anything changes.

Absolutely not. Our campers will keep you warm even if the temperatures outside dip below -25°C/-13°F without any sleeping bags. We guarantee this.

As we do the calculation, we use the most expensive fuel stations, suppose 1500Km, and highest consumption and get something around:
25.000 ISK / 186 USD / 165 EUR in driving costs.

Yes and No.

Yes, please return the camper reasonably clean on the inside.

No, don’t worry about the outside.

There is a penalty fee for returning a camper in an absolute mess inside. If we need to use stain removals or deep cleaning equipment, we charge a 15.000 ISK penalty fee.