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Midsummer Edition

17-24 June – Vanlife Iceland at Summer Solstice

Experience Iceland during the summer solstice

This is the most magical time of year in Iceland. Long bright nights that never get dark and purple lupin fields as far as the eye can see.

We will host a traditional midsummer party to welcome summer to Iceland!

Dates: 17-24 June

Price: From €990/person

For one week, it will never get dark

Trip highlights

Hosted by Rosie & Karen

Rosie is our head guide and events master. With 5 years experience of running big festivals from Japan to USA, we can guarantee that when she’s in charge you’ll have a great time.

Karen is our local expert Icelander and photographer. Whether you’re looking for a secret hot spring or the perfect photo angle, she will tell you where it is.

*the guides for each week may change before the start of event


Who is this trip for?

  • Adventure seekers who want to drive the famous Icelandic ring road by van
  • Explorers that can’t wait to see Icelandic nature
  • Those who want to meet like-minded people from all over the world
  • Those who are between 20 and 40 years old

Price from €990/person

What’s Included

  • Midsummer party
  • Camper van of your choice
  • Campsite Fees
  • BBQ & Bonfires
  • Local expert guides
  • The Iceland Adventure Map
  • Airport Transfer

Not Included

  • Flights to Iceland
  • Travel Insurance
  • Fuel
  • Extra Activities
  • Food & Drinks

A guide to vanlife in iceland

Everything you need to know before hitting the roads in Iceland

What to pack for travel in Iceland

Cooking in your van – a few tasty recipes

Good things to know when traveling in Iceland

A look inside the van

Your home for the week. Fully equipped with a kitchen, heater and a comfy bed.

Vanlife is the best kind of life. Anywhere you go, your home follows. You’ve got a kitchen for food, a fridge for cold drinks, a bed for naps and always a warm jacket when you need it.

I don’t think I can say anything that has not been said yet. It has been epic and thank you all for welcoming a non-adventure girl like me with open arms – I can now say that I love it. You are all amazing and I hope to see you all again soon somewhere in the world. You are all more than welcome to London or Copenhagen at any time. Lets do a trip soon again 😍


Deeply grateful to all of you for burning so brightly, and choosing your path and people over basically anything else that’s out there at the moment. Honoured to call you all my friends. Triple double that for Ása & Leo


Aftermovie from 2020

Whispers from good times in the past. Here’s a recap from an amazing week of Vanlife, and the first ever event we hosted.

Film made by Cat Koppel

“The inspiration of last week was wonderful, the reload of life battery so very much needed! “

– Johan, Sweden

“Hands down the most fun holiday I had in a long time!”

– Lou Jennings, UK


If your question is not covered in the below answers, please contact us on [email protected]

Your booking with Vanlife Iceland is fully refundable up until 1 February.

  • Booking date – 1 February: 100% refund
  • 2 February – 60 days before the event: 75% refund of the total booking value
  • 60 days before the event: No refund possible

During your week in Iceland, an estimate for what you’ll spend is something like this:

  • Fuel – €250 per van
  • Food – If you buy food in a supermarket and cook in the van, estimate around €100/person for the week.
  • Dinner at a restaurant – From €40pp incl one drink.
  • Extra activities – These cost usually €60-130 depending on what you choose to do. They are all optional but come highly recommended to try at least some.
  • Drinks – We’ll be spending most of our evenings at the campsite. We recommend picking up alcoholic drinks at tax-free before you enter Iceland. A beer at a bar is about €8 and a cocktail €15.

We do not sell solo spots, only vans and it’s up to you as a guest to find someone to travel with (if you want to).

Our small vans are great for one person and we usually have solo travelers joining us in them.

If you pick a bigger van, the price is always for full occupancy. Meaning that if a van costs €1000/person and can host 2 ppl, then the total price of the van is €2000. This doesn’t change if you book it as one person or two.

All restrictions have been lifted and Iceland is now open to all travelers. No need for vaccination or testing before entry.

Our events are for anyone who wants to live in a van for a week and explore Iceland together with a group of great people.

We are open-minded, love to meet new friends and inclusive to everybody.

Our events are designed for 20-40 years old

Yes, we stay at campsites each evening that have bathrooms and showers available for all guests. So you will have access to showers daily and we will also visit many hot springs during the week so it’s easy to stay fresh during Vanlife Iceland.

The way Vanlife Iceland works is that our guides recommend our favorite spots each day. Then it’s up to you to explore as you like.

We don’t have a set itinerary you have to follow and we encourage you to explore and find your own adventure.

If you want to follow our guides, that’s of course ok too. Every evening we all gather at the campsite. We set up a BBQ, bonfire and music and enjoy the evening together.

Vanlife Newsletter

We will notify you for important updates only. Like when we launch bookings or if a new volcano erupts in Iceland. No spam, we promise!

Vanlife Iceland brand and concept is owned by Communia ltd. A private limited company registered in London (63-66 Hatton Garden, EC1N 8LE, United Kingdom). Contact us on [email protected]

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