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1. Making a van a home…

We provide the van and will help you make it the perfect home for your week with us.

People are sitting on chairs inside a circle of campervans

2. Your van then becomes one of 20…

Join a group of like-minded travelers with one shared goal of seeing the very best of Iceland.

A waterfall and a rainbow

3. Drive Iceland’s famous ring road

Whether you go in a convoy or solo, we’ll be driving 1400km around the island.

4. The iconic van circle

The True feeling of being part of someting special, parking your van within the circle in the most epic locations.

5. A different kind of daily routine

We’re all about looking at our day in different way, whether that’s making waffles out the back of the van or bathing in a geothermal bath at the side of the road.

Four people are sitting on the rocks and are waving

6. Trust us, the view is best from up here

From reaching the top of a canyon to hiking the glaciers, we’re picked out the very best parts of Iceland for you to discover through our bespoke itinerary.

woman in the water in front of the waterfall

7. Live like a local

Joining our arctic plunge club and trying fermenting shark as an appetizer to name a couple…

A woman in orange jacket is holding a camera

8. Take only pictures, leave only footprints

We’re mindful of our country’s natural beauty and conscious of how we can impact it. We respect our nature and surroundings from the start to finish of our trips.

9. It’ll leave you speechless, then turn you into a storyteller

Each evening we gather around the campfire and hear the discoveries our Vanlife family have made along the road.

10. 4 routes, 4 unique experiences

Each of our routes offer something different. 24 hours of sunlight to explore during midsummer or glimpsing the Northern Light in September – you decide!


Vanlife Iceland brand and concept is owned by Communia ltd. A private limited company registered in London (63-66 Hatton Garden, EC1N 8LE, United Kingdom). Contact us on [email protected]

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