What to Pack for Travel in Iceland?

The flight is coming closer, and all you can hear in your mind is: what to pack for Iceland? Where I could find the Iceland packing list? Well, the first thing you need to know about how to dress when in Iceland; wear layers. No matter the season, it is a good rule of thumb to wear layers of clothes. If you get too warm, you can just take a layer off. However, if you get too cold and you do not have anything extra, then you are in trouble.

We have made a list of things we think is essential to pack for travel in Iceland, both winter and summer. Some things overlap, like hats and warm socks – you can never go wrong with those!

Iceland winter packing list

A windproof and rainproof jacket or coat

Pack for Travel: Windproof Jacket

This is important. There is almost always some wind in Iceland. If it is a thick winter coat as well, even better. With a hood! Then you do not have to pack a separate one. However, layer up underneath this one, especially if you are going hiking.

Winter coat

If your windproof and rainproof jacket is not a winter coat as well, pack this one. You could get away without it if you bring enough warm layers and can pack them on underneath the windproof jacket, but we recommend you bring them regardless of all the other layers you bring.

Wool socks

Cold toes are one of the worst things in the world. Icelandic wool socks are the best in our opinion (of course) because they are both insulating and keep you warm if you get wet! Double bonus!

Gloves, scarf and a hat

There is no need for your head, hands, and neck to be cold. Even if you wear a turtleneck, we still recommend you wear a scarf. Gloves and a hat just make sense, who wants to be cold when they do not need to?


We recommend you bring a few types of jumpers with you.

Thermal layers

Pack for Travel: Thermal Layers

Good thermal underwear to wear underneath your clothes is essential if you are going to go spend hours hiking or sightseeing in Iceland during winter.

Bathing suit

Pack for Travel: Woman in a Bathing Suit by a natural pool

You would not think going swimming in the cold weather is a good idea, but Icelandic swimming pools are filled with geothermal water and are kept between 29°c and 33°c warm. Then there are hot pools, which are between 37° and 44°c.


Pack for Travel: Sunglasses in moss

We get only about 4 hours of daylight during the darkest months of the year in December and January, so you would not think we would need sunglasses. However, the sun stays low in the sky those few hours it shows its yellow face so, bring sunglasses if you do not want to be blinded. You get some free-to-use sunglasses in the camper, but we recommend you bring your own.

Iceland summer packing list


Pack for Travel: Man wearing a hat in front of steam

Just because it is summer, it does not mean it cannot get cold. The winters are mild, and summers are cool in Iceland. The mean temperature in Iceland during July is between 11-14°C (depending on where you are). And then there is the (almost) ever-constant wind. We do include a bandana in every rental, just in case.


In the winter we get only 4 hours of daylight during the darkest months of December and January. During the summer months, however, get about 24-hour daylight. So, bring sunglasses.

Suntan lotion

Oh, yes. The sun can burn in Iceland. Because of where Iceland lies on the planet, the sun’s rays can sometimes be stronger here than in other places in Europe – there is also less pollution.


It rains in Iceland. It is not often torrential rain, but it tends to drizzle.

Sleeping mask

If you have a hard time sleeping when it is light outside, this is essential. There are curtains in our campers, but if you are extra sensitive to light, the sleeping mask helps.


Going to many of the open (and in many cases free) geothermal pools in the dead of night while it is still bright is an experience you can only have in Iceland

Waterproof shoes

Waterproof Boots

While almost everything is frozen during the winter months and you need shoes with a good grip then, you will need waterproof shoes for summer. Especially if you are going to hike in the highlands.

What else to pack for Iceland?

If you are all set by now and have some extra space, think about taking these items:

Fleece jacket or a lightweight wool sweater.

Rainproof and windproof jacket and trousers.

Sturdy walking shoes with a good grip.

Lip balm.

Non-outwear clothes if you want to go out on the town. 

Pack for Travel: Travelling in Iceland

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