What campers are suitable for the Highlands / F-roads?

The Easy Viking 4×4, Easy Viking 4×4 X Easy Clever 4×4, Easy Clever 4×4 X, and Easy Ranger 4×4 X are the CampEasy campers that can go on F-roads.

They come with raised chassis, larger tires, easy access to spare tires, protective underside plates, powerful heaters, emergency tracking, collision detection, emergency equipment, winter tires (when applicable), and much more.

River-crossing is allowed on the 4×4 campers from CampEasy if you purchase additional insurance options. But we recommend you proceed with extreme caution and start by reading the F-Road Guide first.
Too many have hurt themselves or completely drowned the engine whilst crossing rivers. No insurance company covers river crossing and flooding an engine will cost you between 700.000 ISK and 1.400.000 ISK (5-12000 USD) with our best insurance options. And it will cost CampEasy the entire camper in most cases.

There are still hundreds of interesting places you can only reach on an F-road capable vehicle, without crossing any rivers.