How can I charge my phone, camera and other electronics?

We provide a charging station in the rear cabin in all our campers. This includes two USB ports and a 12V cigarette lighter. In addition to that, there is always a 12V cigarette lighter in the front and most of the time USB ports as well. The charging station in the rear also has a voltage gauge which will help you estimate the current charge on the batteries. Note that all usage of the charging station will slightly reduce the usage time of the heating system until you next start the engine.

If you have larger electronics and need a full 110/220V charge, we rent out Inverters that can be plugged into the 12V cigarette lighter. This is needed for Drones, Laptops, and other larger battery-powered electronics.

If you plug a non-battery powered electronic into the Inverter, such as a hairdryer, you will blow the fuse of the inverter and or the fuse on the battery system. This will kill all electronics in the rear, including the heating system, until you change that fuse. Be careful what you plug into the Inverter.