The Dynjandi Waterfall

If you plan to visit the Westfjords, the waterfall Dynjandi is a must-see destination. It is the biggest waterfall in Iceland Westfjords. A literal translation of Dynjandi is thunderous, and you will understand why when you hear the sound it makes. Many consider it the most magnificent waterfall in Iceland, not the least because of its impressive waterfall ladder. The ladder was created due to rock stratification into lava layers and looser intermediate layers creating a natural ladder on which the milky-white water spews down. The waterfall cascades span 100 meters (329 feet). It measures 30 meters (98 feet) wide at the top and widens up to 60 meters (196 feet) at the base.

The uniqueness of Dynjandi

Dynjandi is a combination of several smaller waterfalls:  Háifoss, Úðafoss, Göngufoss, Hundafoss, and Bæjarfoss. Dynjandi is one of the most recognizable waterfalls in Iceland and has achieved worldwide fame. It was protected in 1981 and is today, along with Látrabjarg and Rauðasandur, the leading tourist destination in the Westfjords. Therefore, it creates an immeasurable income for the Westfjords.  

Biggest waterfall in Iceland Westfjors

Hike to Dynjandi

It is not difficult to hike to Dynjandi. A rocky path, made by volunteers back in 1996, directs up to the waterfalls. It is a little bit of a hike getting to the top and takes about 15 minutes but it is well worth it. On the way up, we recommend you stop next to the smaller waterfalls, all beautiful in their own way. It is of the utmost importance that you take waterproof clothes with you since the water spray from the waterfalls is considerable.

Dynjandi in winter

While the best time to experience the splendor of Dynjandi is in the summertime, the waterfall has its appeal in the wintertime as well. It will often freeze over but still remain beautiful. However, the best time to travel to the Westfjords is in the summer because more places in the area are accessible. Many roads in the Westfjords are closed in the wintertime due to deep snow. Furthermore, don’t forget that roads can be slippery and dangerous when it rains as it often does in the winter. It’s easy to get stuck in the middle of nowhere in extreme weather conditions.

Is Dynjandi waterfall far away from Reykjavik?

The journey from Reykjavik to Dynjandi takes about 5 hours and is roughly 360 km (223 miles) long. It’s a good idea to plot your route with this magnificent site in mind. The Easy Guide can help you with that. If you are in Isafjorður, it’s a shorter journey, about 60 km (37 miles), and would only take you 55 minutes. Also, there are plenty of campsites in the Westfjorðs where you can rest up in your Campervan after a long trip.

We wish you a beautiful and memorable journey.

Don’t forget to pack all the necessary items for your travel to Iceland.

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