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Hero – Responsible Tourism


We’ve set out some goals for a better future

We at CampEasy aim to run a responsible camper rental and travel agency and we set goals to limit the impact our business has on the environment and our society.

To that effect, CampEasy has signed a statement of intention to operate responsibly, a framework set forth by the Icelandic Tourism industry and FESTA.

Preservation of nature

Renew fleet to decrease pollution. Modern cars are produced CO2 and the production itself is more regulated, both in regards to materials used and waste management.

Using only biodegradable soaps and products when possible.

Encouraging our customers to leave a smaller footprint.

To „re-use“ food products and share essentials with other camper travelers. We provide them with a special section in our lobby to leave food products for the next customer.

Encourage sorting and not using disposable products during the trip.

Not using disposable products in the camper or during operations at CampEeasy.

Improving our own sorting and recycling of waste.

Employee rights

Honoring union regulations and employment contracts.

Creating a pleasant environment in the workplace with locker rooms, good facilities and changing rooms.

Treating employees with respect, equality, and fairness.

Clearly outlining responsibilities and duties, using training checklists and regular meetings.

Sponsoring our employees when they choose public transportation.

Positive effect on the local community

Shopping at the local businesses when possible.

Helping ICE-SAR with regular donations. This is particularly relevant to a camper rental and any business in the tourism industry that encourages excursions out of Reykjavík, as they ICE-SAR is the strongest safety net available in Iceland.

Participating in charities for children. A charity category with limited relevance to the industry but a personal choice with the management at CampEasy.

Ensuring customer safety

Setting up a safety monitor from SafeTravel where our customers will see live updates of the conditions in Iceland.

Sending out weather warnings to customers when the forecast is looking rough in areas around Iceland.

Informing our customers properly of the best ways to travel around Iceland and making sure they understand the dangers and how to avoid them.

Updating our manuals and guides that we place in the campers. All the information needs to be relevant and up to date.

Ensuring our emergency services have safety nets and redundancies. Our customer needs to be able to reach us at all times.