COVID-19 and Worry-Free Bookings

Some Good News About COVID-19

We have extended our cancellation policy so you can cancel after the 24-hour deadline if it’s COVID-19 related.

If you are fully vaccinated and can produce a vaccine passport, or a PCR certificate, you can come directly from the airport to the Campeasy offices to pick up your camper.

Here you can view all of the latest information about Iceland’s policy toward COVID-19:

Island.is – Find out what rules apply when you visit Iceland
Icelandair – Information for passengers traveling to Iceland
Covid.is – latest news on the pandemic in Iceland

Iceland Opens Borders

On June 15th, the borders in Iceland were opened to the public and on June 26th all restrictions on gatherings were lifted. Over 80% of the population has been vaccinat. We are doing it our way (like always), so read on if you are interested in traveling to Iceland, or if you have an upcoming booking.

View COVID-19 statistics in Iceland

Our Policy

We have now made some alterations to our cancellation policy and now cover cancellations with full refunds, even after the 24-hour deadline if it’s COVID-19 related. You can book with confidence, knowing you get a full refund. If you are in any doubt that we are paying everyone back, check out our reviews.

Also, if you test positive when taking the COVID-19 test on arrival in Iceland, we will refund your reservation in full, even if you have passed the 24-hour window.

Our Measures

We are using extensive sterilizing treatments on our campers, with two passes on all surface areas previous users are like to to have touched more than once. It isn’t a large area to clean, so we’re confident we can sterilize everything each time. We also disinfect our lobby a couple of times a day to reduce any chances of spread. If a company like ours becomes the source of a Covid-19 spread, it would be unfavorable for us, so we have a vested interest in keeping you infection-free.

How is Iceland prepared to take in travelers?

Iceland seems to be in the lead worldwide in managing this virus. And, we have received a decent amount of support from our government. Now we are opening our borders again, but we are doing it our way. The safe way. Because of this, all government-made restrictions have been lifted in Iceland. Swimming pools, campsites, restaurants, grocery stores, and almost everything, have opened up again to the public. Things are getting back to normal here.

Best Case Scenario 1

The border opening remains, you get a great bargain, and a worry-free holiday in an infection-free country.  

Best Case Scenario 2

You rent with us, and something comes up. No matter, you have a 100% refund policy on your booking.

If you have any questions, please reach out to us.

We answer all inquiries within 24 hours.

We hope to see you in Iceland.

Arnór Hauksson
Co-Owner and CMO at CampEasy