Our Camper Vans

Take a look inside our camper vans to see what to expect!

A tour of the camper vans

This is your home during the Event. It is perfect for adventures and has all you need to go explore Iceland. A kitchen, fridge, bed and most important, it has wheels and follows you wherever you go! Take a look at camper vans we offer in our Events.

Easy Viking 4×4

The Easy Viking is the dream RV for any adventure-seeking traveler looking to experience Iceland. Fully equipped, with a raised chassis, larger tires, 4×4 drive and a mounted spare.

Easy Clever 4×4

Experience Iceland in a campervan made for the journey. The Easy Clever takes you so much further with the larger tires, raised chassis, and a 4×4 drive. It also comes equipped with a mounted spare tire on the back for easy access.

Easy Clever 4×4 X

The Easy Clever 4×4 X is the “eXperienced” version of our 3-person, Easy Clever campervan. It’s fully fitted and comes with all the bells and whistles, but has some mileage on it, and a little wear and tear.

Which camper van should I pick?

We recommend staying 2-3 people in the Easy Clever’s or up to 5 in the Easy Viking. The Easy Clever can easily fit 3 good friends but you are all sharing the same bed (166cm wide).

If you want maximum space and comfort then pick the Easy Viking for two people, this one is high enough to stand up straight inside and the top bed can be used for baggage if it’s only two of you.