Winner – Giveaway With Grapevine

It is time to announce the winner of a 5 day trip around Iceland in our Easy Clever 4×4!

The prize is so awesome, we wanted to keep the campervan trip for ourselves. That is why we had to ask Grapevine to take over and choose the winner for us!

Campervan in Iceland

Book now for any season and get 10% off all campers if you book for 6 days or more.
Plus these extras for FREE:
Quality WIFI + Towels (2 per person)
Coffee Presses + Inverter

Before the announcement, you should know that we are now offering a 10% discount for all reservations as a “Holiday Special”!

Last month, we partnered up with Grapevine to offer you the opportunity to win 5 days in a 4×4 camper in Iceland with CampEasy.

You simply had to comment on a Facebook post with the name of 2 other friends.

facebook article

You can check out the entries here

We got over 800 entries and want to send a big thank you to everyone who participated in our contest and helped make it a success.

See you in Iceland for your Special trip!

A special congratulations to Athena McLellan, the winner of the 5 days in a 4×4 camper in Iceland.

northern lights

Like every week, we 100 dollar gift card to the best picture of our campervan, entry is easy, simply tag your pictures with #campeasyiceland, on Instagram or Facebook.