15 Summer Events in Iceland 2022

Are you traveling to Iceland this summer and wonder what events are there to enjoy? You’re in for quite a treat! We gathered 15 events and new activities ready for you to enjoy throughout the Icelandic arctic summer all over the country. Get ready for a busy summer, from cultural events to marathons, golf or horse competitions, art festivals, and a new spa lagoon! And if you read until the end, there is also a bonus new destination. 

Reykjavik & Reykjanes

Reykjavik Art Festival

Date: June 1st – 19th
Founded in 1970, the festival celebrates the diversity of human life. Incredible shows will take over the city and the surroundings, with performers from all around the world. And like it’s not enough, some of the events are free. Taylor Mac will open the Reykjavik Art Festival 2022. Pulitzer and Tony-nominated American artist is known for their theatre and drag performance coming from NYC. Other guests will be Close Act from Netherlands, Gravity & Other Myths from Australia, Barbara Hannigan from Canada, and even more local and international artists. Check out the full program here or wait for the printed version.

Golf Tournament – Húsatóftavöllur, Reykjnasbaer

Date: June 27th – 28th
Hosted by Nothern Light Inn and Grindavík Golf Club, the event is dedicated to married couples or partners (doubles). Past years goers have been impressed with the hospitality and good food. If you want to learn more about Icelandic food, you should not skip this tour in Reykavik that will teach you (and feed you) Traditional Icelandic food. Iceland has an extensive golf community, so check out the Golf Association’s page if you would love to try the sport outside of a championship.  

Reykjavik Pride – Reykjavik

Date: August 2nd – 7th
Celebrating and fighting for LGBTQI+ rights, the Reykjavik Pride/Hinsegin Dagar started in 1999. What began first as a protest of Icelandic gays and lesbians demanding freedom and human rights it’s now an inclusive event gathering more than one hundred thousand guests worldwide. More information about the program will be announced later in the summer, but the Pride Parade will be on Saturday. The non-for-profit organization bringing the rainbow to Iceland is Hinsegin Dagar í Reykjavík. 

Picture by Ticketmaster

The Culture Night Iceland – Reykjavik

Date: August 20th
Cultural and art institutions are coming together with NGOs, other companies, and artists to bring the celebration to the Icelandic capital. Islandsbanki Reykjavik Marathon kicks off the day, continuing with cultural events the whole day. Known as Menningarnott, the event encourages people to give up their cars for a day with free bus rides or closing streets for safer biking and walking in the city. The museums and galleries are usually free and open until 11 pm, and the entire event ends with a stunning fireworks show.  


National Icelandic Horse Competition – Landsmót in Hella 

Date: July 3rd – 10th
Who doesn’t love the very photogenic Icelandic horses? In its 24th edition, the Icelandic Horse Competition is the largest sporting event in Iceland. The week-long competition for different age categories brings together participants and volunteers every two years. If you are wondering how many gaits does an Icelandic horse have you’ll love our answer. Or simply join the event and see it for yourself. 

þjóðhátíð 2022 – Vestmannaeyjar 

Date: July 27th – August 3rd
One of the most memorable events for Icelanders is the Thjodhatid (in case the Icelandic letters confused you), the annual outdoor festival held in the South of Iceland. Three days and nights of incredible music, bonfires, and more activities brings hundred of thousand of people together on the Westman Islands. Tickets are always sold out, so if you’re still thinking of joining, make sure you hurry up. 

Mega Zipline – Hveragerdi 

Date: Opening Summer 2022
A new mile-long zipline is coming 30 minutes drive from Reykjavik. You will be able to fly over the beautiful Black Gorge/Svartagljúfur and you’re summer events in Iceland will never be the same. The opening platform comes with an observation deck for everyone to take in the incredible panorama. And while traveling to the South of Iceland, why not treat yourself to unique hot springs


Coros Door Mountain Race – Dyrfjöll Nature Park 

Date: July 9th
The hiking trails are famous for the magnificent Dyrfjöll Mountains, also known as Door Mountains. The off-road races start in Dyrfjallahlaup, less than one hour from Egilsstaðir. The short one ends in Brunei, and the long one in Víknaslóðir. The mountain race is at its sixth edition and takes you by blue-green ponds and vegetated meadows. Summer events in Iceland are filled with marathons and mountain races but this one is just so incredible. You can find tickets here.

LungA – Seyðisfjörður 

Date: July 10th-17th
Starting in 2000, LungA has been an annual art festival. They will have a total of five workshops during this year’s edition, and the application is open. LungA will announce more unique concerts and art experiences in the coming weeks. Seyðisfjörður is an excellent place for outdoor activities. Here, you will find the famous rainbow street leading to the central church in town. Alongside the festival, there are two main programs as part of LungA School.  


Forest Lagoon – Vaðlaskógur Forest

Date: Opening Soon
A new lagoon will open in Iceland with all-natural geothermal water by the end of May. The Forest Lagoon has two infinity pools with two swim-up bars. The new spa is 3 km away from Akureyri downtown, and it also has a sauna, a cold tub, and a bistro. This lagoon should be on top of your summer events in Iceland list.

The Mývatn Marathon & The Mývatn Ring

Date: May 28th
Both the marathon and bike races are starting from Myvatn Nature Baths. The cycling race is in its second year. In plus, there is an entire weekend of activities for the whole family. The incredible scenery of lava fields, the lake, and the mini-forest of Hofdi Park makes the marathon one of the most loved in North Iceland. 

Arctic Open – Akureyri

Date: June 23rd – 25th
The Akureyri Golf Competition is a splendid way to experience midnight golf. The 36-hole tournament takes place in the North of Iceland, and it started in 1986. It’s an international event with more than 100 participants each year. If you think of joining, make sure you dress well because the summer nights can be pretty chilly in Iceland. 

Sunny summer day at golf course at Akureyri, North Iceland


Westfjords Way Challenge

Date: June 28th – July 3rd
The bike race is the first ultra-endurance stage race in Iceland. The organizers are focused on inclusivity and cultural connection and offer BIPOC scholarships to five riders. Westfjords is the most remote area in Iceland, which makes the landscape even more breathtaking. Over five days, cyclists will ride for a little under 1000 km. All bikes are allowed, but it’s best to consult the organizers for more technical details. And if you want to try West Way outside of the competition, you can always book a CampEasy bike.  

Ögurball 2022 – Ögur

Date: July 16th – 18th
The local ball in Assembly Hall is excellent fun for those who love pub quizzes, singing Icelandic traditional music, dancing, bonfires, and the traditional rhubarb porridge. Locals guarantee that you can’t stop going again and again if you join once, or better yet: “Einu sinni mætt, getur ekki hætt.” Did you even think your summer events in Iceland could be so fun?


Laugavegur Ultra Marathon – Laugavegur Trail

Date: July 16th
The 55 km race goes through the highlands and is home to probably the most stunning and unique landscape Iceland has to offer. Mountain peaks, lava fields, blue-green lakes and rivers, and glaciers make the race quite challenging for the hundreds of participants. Being a very popular marathon, you need to book your participation way in advance. 


Kerlingarfjöll/The Ogress’ Mountain

Date: Opening 2023
A new mountain resort will open next summer in the Icelandic highlands. The six types of accommodation make the resort an incredible option for your trip to Iceland. It’s a hiker’s paradise, with various trails going through the Hveradalir geothermal landscape. To reach the Kerlingarfjöll, you need to drive on the F-roads; we recommend booking CampEasy 4×4 campervan for your safety.  

Kerlingarfjöll (The Ogress' Mountains), a volcanic mountain range situated in the highlands of Iceland. The shimmering red-orange color of the earth is because of the volcanic rhyolite stone the mountains are composed of.
The shimmering red-orange color of the earth is because of the volcanic rhyolite stone the mountains are composed of.

We’re looking forward to the jam-packed event calendar ahead of us, and we’d love to hear from you. Tag us in your pictures and follow CampEasy on all your favorite social media: Twitter, and TikTok. And if you are curious to know more news from Iceland, do follow us on Facebook, Instagram where we post weekly news from your loved volcanic island.

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