Do campsites in Iceland offer electricity?

Yes and no. Campsites in Iceland are very different from each other. Some are very well equipped and have excellent facilities. Others aren’t much more than a bit of grass next to a farmhouse.

Most of the bigger, popular ones have electricity. Many of the average ones do as well, but it’s hit-or-miss. If electricity is a “must” for you, we recommend doing a bit of research before your trip. Our Maps Section has pretty good information on specifics for most campsites.

Does electricity cost extra at the campsites in Iceland?

Yes, they charge a little extra for access to electricity. Usually, it’s around 1000 ISK per day.

camping with rear door open

Some campsites only offer electricity in the summer. So, do a little research before your trip and double-check if they do. We recommend starting by checking out this article if you are coming outside the high-season. Also, be aware that while winter camping is getting increasingly popular in Iceland, rapid changes in operating periods still occur. Sometimes the farmers that run these campsites decide, without any notice, that they are closing for an x amount of time, or simply until the spring.

We love winter camping in Iceland since our campervans are extremely well equipped for it. Since many of the campsites are now open during winter, you can enjoy camping in Iceland all year round.

Hopefully, we’ve answered all your questions about electricity on campsites in Iceland. You can find information on some related stuff below.