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Total Solar Eclipse August 2026 Specials

25-65% off all Campers

25-65% off all Campers for reservations including August 12th, 2026

Camper Vans For Your Adventures

CampEasy has been shaping Iceland’s camper van tourism industry for almost a decade by building and designing fully functional campers. Our cars are adapted to winter conditions, and the great Webasto heating system will provide warmth and comfort even on the coldest days. Our campers are perfect for witnessing the Iceland Solar Eclipse 2026.

Regular or maybe boosted 4X4 camper vans for F-Roads and Highlands? Click below to see what camper vans CampEasy has to offer you.

A view from front of the campervan on road, snowy mountains and a water

Insurance Options

CampEasy offers many insurance options, giving travelers the flexibility to choose the level of coverage that suits their needs and budget. This ensures a worry-free exploration of Iceland’s landscapes during the 2026 total eclipse.

Free Sunglasses

Of course, we strongly suggest bringing professional solar eclipse glasses for the best and safest viewing experience. However, rest assured that each of our campers is equipped with free sunglasses, ensuring you’re prepared to witness the Iceland eclipse even if you forget your own eclipse glasses. Enjoy the celestial show with peace of mind!

A happy man and a happy baby are lying on bedding inside the campervan

A bunch of helpful information from CampEasy

In our Info Center, you can find many articles that can help you be prepared for the trip of your life!

When Traveling in Iceland

Discover essential tips and insights for an unforgettable Icelandic road trip, from navigating unique driving conditions to finding hidden gems. Prepare for a safe and adventurous Iceland eclipse journey through Iceland’s breathtaking landscapes.

Plan Your Route

Prepare for the Iceland Solar Eclipse 2026 by planning your Icelandic road trip with detailed maps. Ensure you reach the best viewing spots and experience the celestial event amidst Iceland’s stunning landscapes.

Campervan with the spare tire on the back parked on the gravel road
Picture of Solar Eclipse above the snowy mountains and a lake
Man inside the campervan is waving
Picture of Iceland Solar Eclipse 2026 above the snowy mountains and a road