Weekly Report 02-07 – 08-07

This was the first week in months without a notable earthquake. It might be the calm before the storm, or it could mean absolutely nothing. Speaking of storms, on Thursday Iceland was attacked by hurricane-force winds and rain, sparking a yellow weather alarm. Luckily today we woke up without a howling sound outside our window and it looks like the weather might improve in time for the weekend.

E-flights in Iceland? This is not science fiction. The first electric aircraft was approved for use in Iceland. The plane is manufactured by Slovenian company Pipistrel and can take two passengers on board. Pipistrel aircraft can cruise at 273 km/h and reach as far as 600km. What’s amazing is the aircraft is powered by batteries that provide a capacity of just 24.8kWh- which is around twice less than most modern electric cars.

A dog was rescued after a 20-meter fall down from a cliff. The dog was hiking with his owners in Skagafjörður, near the Gönguskarðsá river. The dog was unconscious and his owners were unable to get to him due to the difficulty of the terrain. Thankfully the rescue team came on time and managed to get the dog to safety and revive him.

Chris Burkard, one of the best landscape photographers in the world came to Iceland to work on his latest project. We are ecstatic to shamelessly plug that Chris chose our CampEasy vans for his epic journey. Check out our Instagram/Fanpage to follow his summer Icelandic trip.   

While tourists come to Iceland to explore waterfalls, lava fields, and geysers; Icelanders travel to Europe to explore seaside resorts. In the past month, there were 70,000 international departures for Icelanders, and the number of departures in May was record-breaking. The most popular destinations were Tenerife and Alicante in Spain. Olé!

Trams in Iceland? As early as 2026, a proposed streetcar line is expected to take on board its first passengers. Reykjavik’s officials highlight that the trams will help reduce both traffic and air pollution. What’s interesting – some citizens feel threatened as they fear the project will be followed by restrictions on private transportation. The ability to go around by car is a big part of personal freedom for Icelanders. 

The world’s largest CO2 direct air capture plant will be built in Iceland. Adequate to its size the plant received the name Mammoth. There are fewer than 20 such plants in the world. Mammoth will be the second facility in Iceland to remove carbon dioxide directly from the air next to the previously largest plant, Orca. 

The second Michelin Star restaurant in Iceland. A huge honor for ÓX restaurant, which is next to another restaurant from Reykjavík Dill which from now on can boast of having one star in the official Michelin Guide. ÓX offers a 16-course menu and can seat 11 gourmets. 

The word for Today is rafmagn – electricity.  

Have a great weekend!