Autumn Campervan in Iceland  

I can honestly say that Autumn in Iceland is one of the most magnificent seasons.

Driving on empty roads with fresh snow-dust covering the highest peaks of Icelandic Mountain ridges. Combine that with playful autumn colours which creates a vibe that is extremely hard to forget. Next, mix all that with Van-life and have a taste of freedom like never before. Not being bound to anything other than your Campervan and nature is a dream for many. We truly and honestly want to make it as easy as possible for you to experience all that.

A wonderful night, Northern lights mountain Kirkjufell in Iceland.

The Northern Lights are considered by old Norse folk legends to be a reflection from the shields of the Valkyries – Female warriors.

Another myth is that the lights are the Bifrost bridge, a shining curved road leading fallen warriors to Valhalla. In reality they are big bursts of the sun. Called solar storms, electrically charged particles that travel to earth and are reflected by our planet’s magnetic field. A lot of these particles are deflected away, but where the magnetic shield of our Earth is weakest, they leak in and accelerate down into our atmosphere. The weakest parts of our magnetic field are on the North Pole & South Pole and that is why aurora activity is concentrated there. In Iceland we begin to see the Northern lights again around September, after long summer days with everlasting sun. Finally, autumn is the time of year when the sun begins to set behind the horizon long enough for nights to become fully dark, making it possible to see the Northern lights again.

Dark green tones are slowly turning into orange.

The Autumn Colours are stunning!

The dark green colour of the grass is slowly transitioning into the orange/yellow tones and the white peaks give a beautiful extra contrast. Campervan rental like us allow you to become one with the Icelandic weather. Score the best out of Northern Lights, Autumn Colours & way less busy attractions all around Iceland… Feels like driving through a fairy tale land. 

Grettislaug Pool – North Iceland

Due to the increasingly high number of travelers during the summer season, some of the beautiful natural pools we have in Iceland can get pretty crowded between June-August, even though Iceland is filled with natural hot springs and warm outdoor pools in almost every single town around the island.

Traveling in a Campervan in Autumn greatly increases your chances to have some of these hot springs to yourself and gives you the option to refresh, reset, warm-up and continue your Campervan adventure rejuvenated by a geothermal soak in the pool. The weather is still calm(ish), it is still relatively warm, and the ocean is warmed up by the summer heat. The Southern winds tend to still win the battle over the island against the cold Northern ones.

I, myself, have a campervan and use it to travel around Iceland a lot.

You will always end up experiencing moments that are impossible to get otherwise. To be capable of setting a ´Camp´ comfortably in an instant, whenever you feel like it is extremely important to follow flow of the island. It is a privilege to be moving with the winds & weather. The immediate adventure that Van-life offers is overwhelming. Here, the weather is always the ultimate boss of our trips, and traveling in a Campervan allows you the flexibility to adjust your itinerary to the most recent weather forecast. This way, you get the best out of your time here!

Empty Glacier Lagoon.

There are indeed many reasons why to visit Iceland in Autumn and if you are still looking for an excuse to visit, we put together a list of why to come and travel around in a Campervan this Autumn. 


  1. Northern Lights Season Starts 
  1. Less Visitors  
  1. Autumn Colours 
  1. Empty-Ish Hot Springs & Pools 
  1. Less Expensive Campervan Rental – 25-35% & Free Zero Risk Insurance etc. 
  1. Weather is Calm 
  1. Pretty Warm Weather 
  1. Most of the Camping Sites Open. 
  1. Fully Insulated Campervans Available  
  1. Locals Are Stoked to See You Here  

CampEasy Autumn Super Special Offer

We decided to be running to 1st of August – Autumn Super Special: 25-35% off all campers with dates in September/October.

Free Zero Risk: Free Zero Risk Insurance for first 100 booking.
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We hope this offer will help you find your Iceland Adventure in Autumn.