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Enduro bike on a camper
Enduro bike on a camper
Enduro bike on a camper
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Rent an Electric Scooter Large


Rent a Premium Electric Scooter

8 Boost

No license Required
13-year-old minimum age

Fits inside, or roof box
Helmet Included

  • Rear Wheel Drive
  • P R D N Automatic
  • Unlimited Mileage


  1. 2020 Model

    Brand new Toy

  2. No License Required

    No License is required to operate this Toy

  3. No Age Limit

    This toy has no age limit.

  4. Foldable

    This toy can be folded to take less space

  5. Helmet Included

    A helmet is included with this toy

  6. Fits: Inside Cabin

    This Toy fits inside the camper

  7. Fits: Roof Box

    The optimal mounting option for this Toy

  8. Fits: Large Bike Rack

    Suboptimal mounting

  9. Reflective West Included
  10. Stored in Cabin
  11. Stored in Cabin
  12. Stored in Cabin
  13. Stored in Cabin
  14. Mountable: Roof Box
  15. Mountable: Roof Box
  16. Stored in Cabin
  17. Stored in Cabin
  18. Stored in Cabin
  19. Stored in Cabin
  20. Stored in Cabin


  1. Electric
  2. Horsepower / KW/h
  3. Battery Lasts for
  4. Direct Drive

Large Electric Scooter Fits Inside

Properly Insulated

Fits Inside Your Camper

This toy folds and can be stored inside your camper.

We don’t recommend you take more than two Large Scooters with you

Adventure Awaits

Properly Insulated

All Brand New

All the CampEasy Toys are brand new. We don’t shop the cheap stuff either. High-quality brands for every occasion.

Powerful Heating System

Quality Mountings

All our trailers are custom-built from scratch to withstand the F-Roads rough terrain. Made in Iceland. Our bicycle mounts are quality Thule mountings, and our roof-racks are large, premium-made aluminum grids. No half-measures.


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