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Vök Baths is a geothermal destination on the beautiful Lake Urriðavatn in East Iceland. Located only 5 minutes northwest of Egilsstaðir, the largest settlement in the East, that baths are an essential stop on any visit to this part of the country. Vök Baths harness the geothermal power of the region to create a unique bathing experience with amazing views. Fully immerse yourself in Iceland’s unique and untouched landscape and become one with nature at the country’s first series of geothermal floating pools.

Iceland is famous for its geothermal activity, however, the eastern part of the country is home to comparatively fewer hot springs. This is making Vök Baths a rarity in that sparsely populated region. The floating pools take their shape from the ice-free patches on the lake ice, created by the hot springs in the lake. The design and architecture of Vök Baths complement and embellish the essential qualities of the environment to communicate our deep respect for Icelandic nature.

Vök Baths

Vök við Urriðavatn, Egilsstöðum
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History of Baths

Throughout the centuries, people living around Lake Urriðavatn noticed certain spots on the lake that curiously did not freeze in the wintertime. The Icelandic name given to these ice-free patches is Vök (plural Vakir). Their source was discovered to be underwater hot springs streaming up to warm the surface from deep under the lake. Before the hot water was discovered, people were convinced that there was some kind of monster living on the bottom of the lake that either melted or broke the ice.

An Icelandic hot spring destination like no other, the hot water is so pure, it is certified as drinkable

Good to know before visiting:
  • Premium rate includes admission to Vök Baths, a tisane brewed from the spring water & local herbs at the infusion bar, a drink at the outdoor pool bar and tasters from the restaurant
  • You need to bring a swimming suit and a towel
  • It is also possible to rent a towel and swimming suit at the reception
  • The hot spring water is so clean you can drink it, making it the only certified drinkable hot spring water in Iceland
  • There are indoor changing facilities equipped with private showers and lockers
  • You can get a taste for East Iceland and eat a local producer meal at adjoining Vök Bistro
  • Duration: 1 hour and 30 minutes

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