Mývatn Nature Baths Ritual in North Iceland

Mývatn Nature Baths are located in the North of Iceland, and despite its northern location, the region has a temperate climate. The long summer days when darkness never comes can be surprisingly warm. As summer blends into autumn, the landscape slowly changes into a miscellaneous panoramic view with shades of gold and brown. Finally, when winter comes, it brings snow, sparkling frosts, and the unforgettable magnificence of the Northern Lights. An experience like no other, The Mýtvatn Nature Baths is an area of fragile beauty where tourist services have been developed in such a way as to cause as little disruption as possible to what is a unique and highly delicate ecosystem.

Mývatn Nature Baths

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Mývatn Geothermal Area Facility Includes:

  • Large changing rooms that can accommodate up to 400 guests at a time
  • Signature body wash, shampoo and conditioner
  • Café that welcomes to stop and enjoy some food and drinks
  • Towel, bathrobe and swimsuit rental

Steam Baths

The two steam baths are built straight on top of a geothermal area, and the sulfur-free steam rises through holes in the floor. Typically the temperature is around 50°C, and the humidity is close to 100%.

Steam baths have windows – get ready to relax and enjoy the view.

Good to know before visiting:
  • It is highly recommended to pre-booking the tickets.
  • All Icelandic swimming pools and geothermal nature baths require that you shower before entering the pool.
  • The pool geothermal water temperature is between 36 and 40 degrees Celsius.
  • You can stay as long as you want, within opening hours.
  • You can buy a beer/wine bracelet at the entrance in the reception, and the staff member who is working outside will bring your drink.
  • The lagoon is 1.3 meters deep.
  • In Iceland, while entering nature baths, it is recommended to avoid taking jewelry from brass or silver into the water, as they are likely to become black or damaged.

The Supplier: Mývatn Nature Baths

With the unique blend of minerals and geothermal microorganisms, the warm, soothing waters are beneficial to skin and spirit alike.
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