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Enduro bike on a camper
Enduro bike on a camper
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Rent an Enduro Motorcycle


300 EXC TPI / 250 EXC TPI
2020 Model

Street Legal

Trailer or Bike Rack Included
Closed Helmet Included
New Tires Every Rental
Some riding experience required

Open Dirt Helmet Available

Master of Extremes
The KTM 300 EXC has been at the forefront of the insane pace of development of the highest levels the sport of Extreme Enduro. This nimble, lightweight all-terrain master fears no obstacle and with the advent of TPI technology, has risen to ridiculous new heights. The new 2020 model is completely reworked and even more refined.

  • Highland
  • Drive
  • Highland
  • Manual
  • Highland
  • Petrol Engine
  • Highland
  • 1 Seat
  • Highland
  • Small Luggage
  • Highland
  • Unlimited Mileage


  1. 2020 Model

    Brand new Toy

  2. A-Type Motorcycle License

    Requires a full Motorcycle License

  3. F-Road Vehicle

    Ready for rough Highland roads and trails

  4. River Crosser

    It is not forbidden to cross rivers on this machine. It's dangerous and you are not insured.

  5. New Tyres Every Rental

    This Toy is always rented out with new tyres

  6. Fits: Large Bike Rack

    The optimal mounting option for this Toy

  7. Fits: Small Trailer

    A good mounting option for this toy (2+)

  8. Fits: Large Trailer

    A good mounting option for this toy (4+)

  9. Helmet Included
  10. F-Road Approved
  11. Street Legal
  12. Minimum Age: 25
  13. Mountings: Rack + Trailer
  14. Mountings: Rack + Trailer
  15. Mountings: Rack + Trailer
  16. Mountings: Rack + Trailer
  17. Mountings: Rack + Trailer


  1. Fuel Tank
  2. Horsepower
  3. Mileage: MPG
  4. Mileage: L/100km
  5. 6-Speed Transmission
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      More Vehicle Specification

    1. Vehicle Height
    2. Vehicle Length
    3. Vehicle Width
    4. Tyre Size

      Safety Gear

    1. Accident Report

Enduro Bike Mounting Options: 3

Properly Insulated

Easy Trailer – Large

The Large Trailer is custom-built in Iceland, by Víkurverk. They are experts at building trailers that can withstand the Icelandic conditions.

We don’t recommend this trailer unless you have multiple other toys.

Easy Trailer - Small

Easy Trailer – Small

The Small Trailer is custom-built in Iceland, by Víkurverk. They are experts at building trailers that can withstand the Icelandic conditions.

The Reommended mounting option for multiple Enduro Bikes.

Easy Bike Rack - Large

Easy Bike Rack – Large

Chosen for the extra space required for the mounted tire and roof ladder. Strong and reliable.

The recommended mounting option for a single Enduro Bike.

Adventure Awaits

Properly Insulated

All Brand New

All the CampEasy Toys are brand new. We don’t shop the cheap stuff either. High-quality brands for every occasion.

Powerful Heating System

Quality Mountings

All our trailers are custom-built from scratch to withstand the F-Roads rough terrain. Made in Iceland. Our bicycle mounts are quality Thule mountings, and our roof-racks are large, premium-made aluminum grids. No half-measures.


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