Wild Reindeer Experience in the East

Did you know that Icelandic reindeers live only in the East part of Iceland? On this tour, you will be able to drive by 4×4 Super-Jeep to step into the charming landscape of East Iceland on a search to see wild reindeer roaming around the area. The fantastic Reindeer Experience, organized by Tinna Adventure, is one of the rarest activities you can attend.

Winter in East Iceland can be unpredictable, so be aware and read some tips. This trip is operated most in Northern Lights season, so be prepared for some Aurora Borealis hunting. You can read more about winter activities in our information center.

Tinna Adventure

Selnes 28, Breiðdalsvík
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October – June

History of Icelandic Reindeers

Reindeer are the largest wildland mammals in Iceland, and like most mammals in Iceland, they are not native to Iceland. They were imported to Iceland for experimental purposes between 1771 and 1787.  The animals came from Norway and were supposed to be domesticated here, but they have been feral from the beginning. Cold weather, harsh winters, limited food supply, and volcanic eruptions made it difficult for the reindeers in Iceland, and most of them died.

In 1939, people believed that the reindeer were almost extinct in Iceland, but after searching for a while, around 100 reindeers were found in East Iceland. Now, they count about 6-7000 animals and can only be found in East-Iceland.

Besides the reindeer tour, East Iceland is also a perfect place to see the Northern Lights during the winter.

Good to know before visiting:
  • Warm clothing and good hiking shoes are recommended.
  • Duration: 3 – 4 hours.
  • The maximum tour capacity is ten people in one group.
  • Remember to take your camera!

The Supplier: Tinna Adventure

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