Does the camper have a toilet?

All models (except the Easy Small, Easy Small X and Easy Ranger 4×4) have the option to add a travel toilet.

There are upsides and downsides to carrying a travel toilet on your trip.


  • Instant access to the facilities.
  • Useful for Highland excursions.
  • Useful for winter camping trips.


  • Every toilet must be emptied and cleaned before returning the camper.
  • Takes up space in the camper van.
  • During summer months, for a lowland (ring-road) trip, it’s mostly in the way.
  • The toilets and the extra work around them isn’t free of charge.

Summer (April – September):
There are loads of gas stations, shops, restaurants, and other facilities where you can use the bathrooms. Campsites will always offer toilets and most of the time they will also have showers. We also recommend you take advantage of the geothermal swimming pools you’ll find in (almost) every town you come to. These swimming halls take advantage of the natural hot water in the ground and take little energy to operate. Going to one of those is an adventure in and of itself.

Winter (October – March):
Gas stations, shops, and restaurants are still abundant, but campsite facilities will become limited. A travel toilet during these months can be worth the extra space it takes up. We recommend you take a look at our Winter Camping section for an updated list of camping ground access.

The CampEasy team members that travel the most, only take them for extended Highland trips, and sometimes for a mid-winter trip.