Campervan Iceland vs CampEasy 

Choosing the right camper rental in Iceland is crucial to the success of your adventure. This page compares two leading companies in Iceland – Campervan Iceland and CampEasy – to help you choose the best camper. 

Online ratings for CampEasy and Campervan Iceland compared.

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CampEasy logo

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4.9/5 ⭐
2,294 reviews 

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273 reviews 

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5/5 ⭐ 
1,011 reviews 

4.8/5 ⭐
29 reviews 

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4.9/5 ⭐
470 reviews 

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7 reviews 

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5/5 ⭐
189 reviews 


What are the main differences between Campervan Iceland and CampEasy? 

CampEasy is a supplier and operator of campervans. Campervan Iceland is a reseller for multiple camper rentals in Iceland, including CampEasy. Campervan Iceland does not own any campervans, and you can not choose which operator they will pick when you search for a camper on their website. There are a few different words to describe the operations of Campervan Iceland; Reseller, OTA, and Agency. 

What does Campervan Iceland do? 

Campervan Iceland connects to the fleet systems of various camper rentals and offers their campers for sale on their website. They provide customer service and work to give you a pleasant experience with their chosen camper supplier each time. 

What does CampEasy do? 

CampEasy buys high-quality vans, brings them to their factory, and builds the best campers in the Icelandic market. Then the sales and marketing department takes over and makes these units available for rent on the CampEasy website. Finally, at CampEasy headquarters, the service agents and the cleaning and quality control departments ensure you have the best experience possible in the camper rental industry. 

Who owns and operates Campervan Iceland? 

Campervan Iceland was founded around ten years ago, partnering with CampEasy almost from conception. The company was founded by two Spanish gentlemen with a great understanding of web development, customer service, and SEO strategies. They offer good service, and their reputation in the Icelandic market is excellent. They dominate the search results and have a great website and SEO strategy. 

Who owns and operates CampEasy Iceland? 

CampEasy was founded around ten years ago by the Icelandic entrepreneur Gylfi Bergmann Heimisson. He soon sold his shares to his sister and business partner, Theodóra “Tedda” Björk Heimisdóttir. Since then, the company has been run by an Icelandic family. Tedda is CFO, her husband, Haukur Þorsteinsson is CTO, and their son, Arnór Hauksson is CEO. From the start, CampEasy wanted to become the premium camper rental in Iceland. 


Is Campervan Iceland cheaper than CampEasy? 

Yes, most of the fleet on the Campervan Iceland website comes from other camper rentals than CampEasy. They put less emphasis on the camper build quality, service, smart solutions, and customer experience that CampEasy offers. In the end, most of the camper rentals in Iceland are cheaper than CampEasy. You get what you pay for, and CampEasy is the highest-rated camper rental in Iceland for a reason. 

Differences between Campervan Iceland and CampEasy. 

CampEasy logo
CampEasy logo
CampEasy logo
CampEasy logo

Owned and operated by Icelandic people 

Yes – a family business


Choose your camper rental.

Yes – CampEasy is a camper rental.

No – Campervan Iceland will find a camper rental for you. 

Choose how old your camper is

Yes – NEW (max 730 days old) and Veteran (731+ days old) campers are clearly labeled when booking.

No – You can not know the age of the camper you will get. 

Pick a precise model 

Yes – Emphasis on clarity and precision. If it says VW Crafter, you get a VW Crafter. 

No – The selection is more general, and you will get a camper matching the general description.


Limited – focuses on a smaller, more expensive fleet. 

Extensive – has access to vast fleets.


Excellent – leading in camper quality. Expensive, well-equipped models from the dealer, and then thorough modifications in the factory. 

Varies – does a great job of reflecting the price according to what you get, but it still varies a lot.

Road Assistance

Yes – guarantees the reliability of the campers and sends their own team to replace your unit if it breaks down. 

Mostly – depends on the supplier terms in some cases.

Get a full refund

Yes – 24h before picking up, you get a 100% return. Later than that, and you pay 30% and get 70% back.

Yes – 24h before picking up, you get a 100% return on campers. Motorhome customers pay 15% of the cost. 

Airport Pickup

Yes – picked up at the airport by the CampEasy shuttle service. Also picked up in the greater Keflavík area.

Mostly – depends on the supplier each time.

Unlimited Mileage



All taxes and costs included



Included Insurance



Wool insulation

Yes – all campers.

Varies – depends on the supplier. Not clear in sales funnel. 

Reykjavík pick up and drop off 

No – only Keflavík (Next to airport)

Varies – depends on the supplier. You can see options in sales funnel.

Cleaning included

Yes – all campers.

Limited – mostly they expect you to clean your camper before return.

Free extras

Yes – multiple types. Offering free extra duvets, pillows and sheets is unique to CampEasy.

Mostly – many units have free extras.

Included Navigation


Limited – mostly no.

24/7 phone service



Owns multiple websites and sales channels



Modern Lithium Batteries for heating


Limited – depends on supplier

Customer portal

Yes – edit almost anything after you book


Trip planning interface