One Must-See Place in Every Corner of Iceland

Worry not, for we have made a list with one must see Iceland site to visit in each corner of Iceland (which are more than 4).

When you have planned your trip around Iceland, plot the places you are going to see such as Þingvellir National Park, Jökulsárlón glacial lagoon, and Dettifoss. But what other places should you check out? Places that are not generally mentioned on what to do Lists? We have made such a list with one site to visit in each corner of Iceland (which are more than 4).

Must see Iceland attraction by the region:

East Iceland

A small Icelandic town located at the foot of the mountain with many houses with colorful roofs.

In Fáskrúðsfjörður, you can find the French in Iceland Museum. In the olden days, many French fishermen caught fish in the fjord, and due to the sometimes-bad weather conditions, it was deemed necessary by the French to open a hospital in the small town. The hospital house had been moved and left derelict before it was decided to renovate and move it back to its original location in the city. Today the museum is in two houses, connected by an underground tunnel under the road. The hospital got the Europa Nostra award in 2016 for renovation and cultural heritage conservation.

North Iceland

 small Icelandic town located on a river with a small bridge.

Hofsós is one of Iceland’s oldest towns, has only about 200 inhabitants, and has been a place of commerce since the 16th century. A museum about the emigration of Icelanders between 1870 – 1914 can be found in the town and one of the oldest houses of Iceland, built-in 1772. The shoreline is considered especially beautiful with basalt columns.

West Iceland


Ytri-Tunga is an old farmstead in the Snæfellsnes peninsula. What makes Ytri-Tunga worth visiting is that the nearby shoreline is a known seal colony. You will see them all year round there, but it is especially likely during June and July.

South Iceland


Fjallsárlón. It is Jökulsárlón’s lesser-known cousin. The smaller lagoon is located west of Jökulsárlón but is just as beautiful. To some, it is even more attractive. Fewer people visit this lagoon, and it is not as large, but you will still be able to go on a boat ride like on Jökulsárlón. The lagoon is named after the Fjallsjökull glacier, which lies in front of it. During the summer months, be sure not to disturb the nesting skuas – they protect their nests.

Southwest Iceland

Hallgrimskirkja Church in Iceland

Hólavallagarður is the old cemetery in Reykjavík, near to Tjörnin in the city center, and is a beautiful place to take a stroll. The cemetery was opened in the first half of the 19th century and has been the biggest cemetery in Iceland. It looks like a forest from the outside, and the oldest part has quite a few winding paths to stroll. It is unusual to see so many iron crosses and fences in a European cemetery since most of them were utilized in the wars of the 20th century.

West Fjords of Iceland

And now for something completely different. In Selárdalur valley by Arnarfjörður fjord is Listasafn Samúels. An outdoor art museum opened 20 years ago, which holds artworks from Samúel Jónsson. People often called him the artist with a childlike heart because of his naïve artwork. Samúel built a church on his land to house an altarpiece Selárdalur’s church had declined. This church is one of the more peculiar pieces at the museum. 

art museum buildings
Image: Jóhannes Jónsson/RÚV/Landinn

F-Roads can be bad; there are unbridged rivers, slippery mud, and even snow, so be careful.

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